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Earth Today | ZIP reigns in recycle challenge

Published:Wednesday | July 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM
The ZIP103 FM family are all smiles as they show off their plaque, awarding them first place in the Wisynco ECO Recycle Challenge.
With 44,968 plastic bottles collected, the Fidelity Motors team placed third in the Wisynco ECO Recyle Challenge.
Pledging to keep up the momentum, the Chad-Ad Distributors team is well pleased, having collected 78,848 plastic bottles in the Wisynco ECO Recycle Challenge in which they placed second.

FOR THE last seven weeks, Jamaicans have stopped to take stock of recycling as an effective response to plastic pollution on the island, thanks to the efforts of six local companies whose team members were intent on collecting 100,000 plastic bottles.

This was courtesy of the Wisynco ECO Recycle Challenge, from which Zip 103 FM has emerged the winner, having collected the most plastic bottles over the period.

Together with the other five companies - Chad-Ad Distributors, Fidelity Motors, Chilitos JaMexican Restaurant, Tank-Weld Metals, and The Gleaner - they collected a whopping 264,352 plastics from Jamaica's streets, seashores, gullies, and homes.

And they made it happen through sheer determination, together with a healthy dose of creativity.

Though they got off to a slow start, ZIP eventually gathered momentum, using, among other things, social media to enlist the support of the collective to gain ground in the challenge. It was proof that if provided with the opportunities to do so, people will contribute to the success of a worthy cause.

"We are extremely excited to know that we are the winners of the Recycle Challenge. Having started a bit late, we are looking forward to continuing the recycling process and strengthening the relationship we have with Wisynco," shared Danielle Stewart, human resources manager at ZIP 103 FM.

With 96,932 bottles collected, they claim the title as Top Challenger of the inaugural Wisynco ECO Recycle Challenge.

Chad-ad with 78,848 and Fidelity Motors with 44,968 placed second and third respectively.

Environment Communications Officer with Wisynco Eco, Shelly-Ann Dunkley is pleased with the outcome.

"In May, we had set a goal of 100,000 and we are truly overwhelmed with the amount of bottles we received since the start of the challenge," she said.

"One challenger alone collected almost the entire target set and for that we have to take the time to express our gratitude to ZIP 103 FM. The efforts of all our challengers have shown us that many Jamaicans want to recycle, they just need to know where to do the drop-off," she added.