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Police to clamp down on vehicles with sirens, flashing lights

Published:Sunday | July 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM

The police high command is cautioning motorists against installing and using flashing lights or sirens on their vehicles.

The warning comes ahead of the launch of what the high command said is a new phase on public order, safety and traffic management, which will see stricter enforcement of all aspects of the Road Traffic Act, among other things.

As such, motorists who have modified their vehicles with flashing lights and sirens are being urged to remove them immediately.

Those who ignore the warning will not only face inconvenience, but also the full brunt of the law, including the seizure of vehicles to have such devices immediately removed.

The police high command is reiterating that aside from being illegal, the lights also confuse members of the public, as well as engender apathy towards such devices by emergency vehicles.

In the meantime, drivers of public passenger vehicles with tints that are darker than allowed by the law will also be targeted by the police during this heightened phase.