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Steve Lyston | Curses affect our prosperity

Published:Sunday | July 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Recently I was watching a parliamentary discussion regarding extending ZOSO (Zone of Special Operations) for various areas in Jamaica. Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna stated that on many occasions she spoke to young men who would get into trouble with the law and go to jail/prison and would ask them why they ended up there. She wanted to get help for them and asked if psychologists/psychiatrists could come in to help them. She said they told her their teachers would tell them that they are are dunce, in addition to other negative statements. She was on to something. The only problem is that such an issue is not one that would be dealt with by psychologists/psychiatrists. It is in fact a curse that was uttered from the lips of ones with authority. Recognise that words are powerful and what we speak about/over the life of another, especially when you have the authority to speak, take root in the lives/minds of the hearer.

So, for example, when someone utters the words to someone like, “You will die in prison!” or “You will not amount to anything!” those words are curses and they begin to settle in the mind/heart/spirit of the person hearing it.

God has established three governments ­ civil, Church and family. In this case, it is the Church that has the authority to break these curses. There are certain things that will never change in a nation unless we deal with the cycles ­- the legal spiritual rights that created the problem in the first place. The bastard curse ­ that is the curse that comes with having children outside of marriage ­, is now back in the limelight, especially in light of the highly publicised situation with popular dancehall artist Beenie Man and PNPYO president, Ms Krystal Tomlinson.

I have listened to many comments and have read quite a few articles but what we don’t know CAN hurt us. Even the learned QC who penned the quote that “no bastard nuh deh again” because of what the late Michael Manley said and did. But understand that Michael Manley sought to address the issue of inheritance and entitlement and while he attempted to address the matter on a physical level, the physical legislation cannot change the spiritual aspect, which still stands unaddressed. When a spiritual law is broken, it has to be addressed spiritually.


For example, Ruth (in the Bible) was a Moabite - a tribe that started through sexual sin - and she and her tribe were automatically affected by the bastard curse. However, because she chose to follow the way of the Lord, she accepted redemption and God blessed and used her; and because of her faith, she was redeemed.

Jesus came to break the curse of the law to set us free when we accept Him. So Krystal, though she may suffer rejection from her own peers and party for her current situation, should she fully and genuinely accept Christ, He can turn things around for her and she can become the prime minister of the nation one day if she so desires. Because if God raised up Ruth and put her in royal lineage, and if He caused Jephtah in the Bible (the son of a harlot), to become a leader, then He can certainly cause Krystal Tomlinson to become prime minister.

Curses are real

Curses come in several ways:

-Engaging in iniquity

- Breaking Biblical laws

- Self-infliction

- Pronouncements

- Wrong agreements/covenants

Curses cause poverty, cycles in a person’s life, sickness, crime, violence and it can affect the economy. It robs a person their true spiritual inheritance and causes constant struggles. Check those within the inner cities, how blessed they are with gifts and talents, and look at their challenge

Signs of the existence of curses

Several things can indicate the existence of curses in your life, just begin to check the continual, negative occurrences in your family. Other signs include:

- Dreams of your old boss/past lovers/past school/old car

- Inability to maintain your marriage or a job

- Continual illnesses

But, curses can be broken if we are ready to have a serious discussion; and as a result even crime can decrease.