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St James innovators create beauty out of plastic

Published:Wednesday | August 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM
A plastic wedding dress on display.
Some of other plastic items.

Who would have ever imagined that the most beautiful day of a woman's life could find her wearing a wedding dress made of ... plastic!

The elegant creation was on display for all to see, and it captured the attention of all the visitors who passed through the St James Pavillion at the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show.

Parish agricultural manager for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Sade Dixon Bennett, said patrons were amazed and totally wowed by the sheer creativity of the design.

The wedding dress wasn't the only creation that took centre stage in the section under the theme 'Initiative and Resourcefulness'. There were many other items, all made from plastic, and all with the intention to prevent the improper disposing of plastics.

Statistics show that eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean annually, wreaking havoc on wildlife, fishers and tourism. That, plus other harmful effects from the improper dumping of plastic, was the prime motivation behind the innovative approach taken to recycle plastic.

Greenhouses can be built using recycled plastic bottles and as far as Bennett is concerned, there is no shortage of plastic material, as the supermarket shelves are filled with them.




She said there is a promotion now going on with farmers, encouraging them to build plastic bottle greenhouses, which she said is a very simple process.

"It's quite easy once you have the idea and the technology," she said, adding that it would be ideal for the times as the effects of climate change is a reality, and it's for that reason farmers are being encouraged to venture into protected agriculture, and one of those ways is greenhouse production.

Housewives and students can also be a part of the recycling experience. On display at the show were products for the home, such as clothespin holder, piggy bank, knitted caps, centrepieces and table decorations. There was even a display of a beautifully made plastic toy truck.

Bennett had high praises for her team of stakeholders from across the parish that came up with the various designs. She said those in the St James environs can visit the RADA office and she would be more than happy to assist them, especially in designing a greenhouse.