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KSAMC ready for hurricanes, says deputy mayor

Published:Tuesday | September 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM

The Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSMAC) is indicating that it is prepared in the event that the Metropolitan Area is hit by a natural disaster.

Speaking with The Gleaner on Tuesday, Deputy Mayor of Kingston Winston Ennis said that drain cleaning was almost complete.

"Of the 40 divisions, 38 have started their drain cleaning, 37 have finished, and one is still in progress. The critical drains, all of them, to my knowledge and the municipal's knowledge, have been cleaned," Ennis said.

The deputy mayor also told The Gleaner that all 97 shelters in the Corporate Area were ready to go in case of emergency, having been stocked with basic food items. He also indicated that the shelter managers were being trained regularly.

"All the shelter managers have been trained. They have got two trainings in the last three months, and they are prepared and ready whenever time we call on them," he said.

Despite indicating a great level of preparedness, the deputy mayor was unable to respond to questions about the state of drains along thoroughfares such as Constant Spring Road in St Andrew, where major roadwork is currently under way.

It is still not clear whether Hurricane Isaac will directly affect Jamaica.