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God sponsors what He supports, say the newlyweds

Published:Thursday | December 6, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna Monteith/Gleaner Writer
Newlywed, Amoy Lawrence.
The couple...Christopher and Amoy Lawrence.
Amoy Lawrence

Fresh down the aisle and still celebrating a union bound by God, the relationship between Christopher and Amoy Lawrence is a testament to other Christians that God sponsors what He supports.

When the two received the holy confirmation that they were divinely connected, they knew that the next move was to wait for the 'when'.

"It is one thing to know that you are to marry, but it is equally as important to know when and how to do it, and in God's timing," said Amoy, who evangelistically operates under the title The Anointed Writer.

The woman of God ,who strongly believes in total submission, explained that the right thing done prematurely can have a negative effect.

"Once a 'yes' is received from God, it is easy to run off trying to clear the rest of the path on your own. Wait. This is when the enemy employs his subtle tactics to derail us. We still need God to guide the rest of the journey. His ways are always higher than our own," Lawrence said.

Using her own testimony to prove her point, she gave an account of how she and her husband tried to defer a date ordained by God.

She said, "God told us the year before that November 2018 was the right time and we agreed, but did nothing. The ring came and sadly, lack of faith caused us to shy away from the initial date. We eventually decided on July 2019 to be financially safe and to execute the initial grand plan we had for our wedding. However, July didn't quite settle with us spiritually, and we felt that God wanted us to go into 2019 wedded. We were reminded of the initial plan of November 2018, and being marvelled at how God brought everything full circle; we started planning in faith."




The two, who were joined in holy matrimony on Saturday, November 24, revealed that they said 'yes to God with $0.00 each'.

According to The Anointed Writer, "It took faith all the way. God literally funded every aspect of this journey. Random strangers blessed us; friends and family blessed us. Opportunities came flying in that provided additional income for us both."

She told Family & Religion that they had to let go of the "useless, materialistic" expectations they had as well as those expectations set by tradition - and focus on what was truly important - which was their union and sharing the moment with persons who needed to be there.

Of the service, Lawrence said, "We had a morning ceremony with light refreshments for our guests at our church. There was no reception and we spent the night together at dinner enjoying being newlyweds. The outfits were made by local, talented designers: Vidal & Redz Divine Wear.

"Family and friends also played an integral role in the day. Photos and videos were done by my brother - Muztang Media - and close friend, CJamPhotos; the decor was done by Fusion 876 - a small family business; and the finger food was exquisitely prepared by the Food Menagerie. Make-up by Tameka Boodie, and a fresh Haircut by Kemmie Fresh added an extra touch of class to our overall look."