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JN Money treats Marie Atkins Night Shelter residents

Published:Monday | January 7, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Horace Hines, general manager, JN Money Services, serves lunches to the residents of the Marie Atkins Night Shelter during a visit to the facility in December.

More than 150 persons at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter (MANS) on Hanover Street, downtown Kingston, were treated to a special Christmas lunch courtesy of JN Money Services.

The MANS, named in honour of Marie Atkins, a former mayor of Kingston, is a project of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation, in partnership with Food for the Poor, The Salvation Army, and the police force. MANS provides shelter and meals for many homeless persons in the Corporate Area.

"Annually, we visit the residents at MANS [and] spend time with them, while treating them to meals and gifts. We look forward to the event because we hear so many stories about the plight of residents, and they always look forward to our visit," said Martin Gooden, assistant general manager, JN Money Services, owners and operators of the JN Money brand.

"This year, our visit was more significant because it was also a part of our thrust to spread good holiday vibes not only to our customers, but also to the less fortunate who do not have a home or families with whom they can enjoy the holiday season," Gooden added.

MANS resident Lorna Edwards welcomed the JNMS treat and stated that she was grateful for the Christmas gifts from the remittance company.




These gifts will come in handy, she said, making mention of the JN Money tote bags. "I have things that I need to carry around, but now, I can't use plastic bags. Therefore, this bag will help me to store my items as I move around a lot," Edwards said.

One elderly resident, who has been at the shelter since July after she found it too expensive to afford rent, explained that other residents told her that they always welcome the visit of the JNMS team.

"Some of the residents were speaking about what a good visit it would be from the moment the team arrived. And, while many of us here are looking forward to Christmas, we take life one day at a time. Yes, being here has its ups and downs, but at least we have somewhere to sleep at nights," she added.