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Don’t abort your gift - Kevin Downswell’s mother ­encourages young women to trust God when they become pregnant

Published:Saturday | February 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Miriam Levy speaks of her talented children.

Beaming from the sidelines as her son, who is the star player, scores goals for Christ, Miriam Levy admitted that she had no clue at the time of her pregnancy that she would have given birth to such a purposed individual as gospel minister Kevin Downswell.

In fact, what she felt at the time was the complete opposite.

“I was 15 years young when he was born, and I knew ­nothing about ‘special’ or ‘blessed’. I was just surviving the hard times. My heart was broken, and I couldn’t continue school [even though] I was brilliant,” Levy confessed.

And though she admitted to not having totally surrendered her life to God until the age of 19 despite growing up in a spiritual home, Levy shared that she had asked God for a male child who would stand up for her when he was grown.

She said: “After birth, all on my mind was to take good care of him so he could turn out good. I had made up my mind that he would be educated and that he would not drop out of school even though we were very poor financially,” Levy told The Gleaner.

“I remember I read the story of Samuel when he was about two months young, and I lifted him up and asked the Lord to take him and use him like He used Samuel. And with not much support, I sacrificed all for his welfare,” she noted.

The woman of God told Family and Religion that she found out about Downswell’s gift when he was eight years old.

According to her, “I knew he was special from very young. He was bright, intelligent and bold. I always say he takes everything from me, and when I found out he could sing, I was in awe of his gifting.”

Today, the proud mother of two sons expressed that giving birth to such purpose is indescribable.

“My other son’s name is Orayne, and he is also a powerful young man who sings very well, is married and is very hard-working.

“I’m so blessed! Words can’t explain the different emotions that flood my soul when they minister or when I think of their achievements,” Levy said.

Her word of encouragement to other young mothers was brief, but potent.

She shared: “I was also introduced to abortion, but something inside me kept saying no. It was the Holy Spirit – God Himself. Satan wanted to destroy purpose, but I was being guided and protected by God.

“Any young woman out there that is going through this same situation, I’m saying to you, don’t abort your gift. Don’t abort your blessing. Stay strong, God will send help. He will never leave you nor forsake, you and I’m a living testament of the fact.”