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‘Jesus’ love is unconditional’

Published:Saturday | February 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Reverend Marcus Williams prays for students of the Paul Bogle and Robert Lightbourne High schools.
Minister Carlene Davis leads the school in praise and worship.

Students of Paul Bogle and Robert Lightbourne high schools had their spiritual minds catered to on Monday during the Best Dressed Chicken 60th anniversary school tour event held on the former’s school compound in Morant Bay, St Thomas.

The day’s proceedings kicked off with an anointed praise and worship session led by gospel minister Carlene Davis and her team.

Delivering a potent message on the love of Christ, The Reverend Marcus Williams of Kingdom Builders Open Bible Church in Kingston highlighted three characteristics of the saving grace.

“Jesus’ love is unconditional. It matters not who you are, how you look or where you come from, whether a broken home, I know someone who loves you just the way you are.

“The Bible says that you were fearfully and wonderfully made and God wants you to know that His Love for you is unconditional and that He loves you so much.

You may be going through some struggles in your life and you feel inadequate with all those insecurities and sometimes you don’t know who you can turn to, but God is saying ‘my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Come unto me’,” Williams preached.

Though slightly unresponsive at first, the students remained ­attentive as they soaked in the word God had laid on the pastor’s heart on their behalf.


Williams’ next point spoke to how amazing God’s love for His people is.

Quoting the renowned John 3:16, he encouraged the students that there is no one who can love them the way Jesus Christ does.

“The Bible says He who knew no sin was made sin for me and for you. While He was here, they pierced His side and placed a crown of thorn upon His head. Why did he endure all of that?” he asked, in the same breath answering the question with, “It’s because the love of God is amazing.”

Appealing to the popular ­problem faced by most families, the reverend spoke on the lack of affirmation, sharing his personal story of how his father never told him he loved him while growing up.

“I know that there are many here today who have never heard your parents say I love you, and you may not know anyone in your life who doesn’t want to take things from you, but just want to love you, but today I’m introducing you to someone who loves you just the way you are and without condition.

“He loves you so much that He paid the price for you that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”

Of the third and final characteristic, Williams said the love of God is eternal.