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Steve Lyston | Let no one disrupt your peace

Published:Monday | February 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Marijuana and other drugs cannot bring peace of mind.
When we don't focus on God, we leave room for worry and despair.

Peace and wholeness are the greatest things a person can have. Money can’t buy any of these. Drugs can’t give it to you. Alcohol can’t give it to you. Cocaine and weed can’t give it to you! Furthermore, there cannot be peace without Jehovah Shalom.

When God is no longer the number one priority or focus in the life of a person or nation, then everyone will start to do what is right in their eyes rather than what is right in God’s sight. Then you will begin to see the lack of governance rise. Crime, violence and madness begin to take place. This is an indication that man has backslidden. Only when there is restoration will peace return.

Being a Christian does not mean you have peace automatically. If you are a Christian and you don’t have peace, then it means that you need to examine your relationship with the Lord.

It also means that you need to be properly aligned with God by way of your relationship and communication with him.

We must do all that is necessary to maintain the peace of God in our lives, our families, our household, our organisation, our community and our nation. Prayer, supplication and thanksgiving will bring peace in our lives. Let God know your requests.

Peace in the nation

Nations must be particularly careful about those with whom they enter covenants, so that they don’t disrupt the peace you enjoy. On the individual level, people must be careful of the business and sexual relationships they get into.

Additionally, in order to have peace, you must also pray for the peace of Jerusalem, because if you curse them, you will not have peace within your nation either. (Psalm 122: 7 – 8).

When we have peace, we become whole, full and complete, and regardless of which storms come we will have peace. Only Jesus can give us peace within and among our judiciary and security systems and personnel.

There are things we will have to ignore in order to have peace. There are people from whom we will have to walk away in order to have or maintain peace. Strife is the enemy of peace and the enemy of our souls.

Financial peace and good health

To have financial peace is probably the number one cry around the world today. Who wouldn’t want to have the keys to a debt-free house or vehicle of their own? Who wouldn’t want to go about their daily activities without worrying about a creditor’s knock coming to their door, or about the bailiff coming to repossess your vehicle?

Who wouldn’t want to be able to park at home worry- free, rather than five houses down so the bailiff doesn’t find your vehicle?

Financial freedom is one level of peace God has given us, where we are not under the bondage of the credit system.

It is better at times to stay in the position you are in and work your way out, rather than taking a loan so that creditors can dictate to you how you should live and keep you in bondage. Being debt-free is a major path to true liberation. When you are in debt, stakeholders treat you with little regard and determine the level of our education, or number of children you should have.

Everybody wants good health, because it gives us peace of mind. Good health is a grace given to us and we should not allow anyone to disturb that.

This is a warning to women also. Pushing abortion means embracing a lack of peace and good health – mind, body or spirit.

Familial peace

Many husbands and wives are sleeping in separate rooms for lack of peace between them. Some have allowed family members or ‘third parties’ to enter.

So, once you have identified someone in your family, organisation, church or political organisation that brings strife, regardless of how valuable they may seem, they must leave; because peace positively affects prosperity (revisit Isaiah 9: 6; Isaiah 26: 3; Leviticus 26: 3 – 6; Jeremiah 29: 11; Psalm 16: 6; Psalm 37: 11; Judges 6.)

Watch out for those who subtly want to disrupt your peace. I speak peace today – in your marriage, your bank account, your church, your health, and to the chaos that wants to rise up against you. Shalom! Shalom!