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Why we run - Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run 2019

Published:Wednesday | February 20, 2019 | 12:00 AMDavid Salmon/Contributor
ABOVE: Participants in the 21st running of the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run/Walk enjoy the foam pit along the route on Sunday.
Participants in the 21st running of the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Fun Run/Walk enjoy the foam pit along the route on Sunday. Contributed

Sagicor’s commitment to service was once again highlighted during the 21st staging of its annual Sigma Corporate Run. This year’s event shattered all records with more than 27,000 persons participating with the company successfully raising $52.4 million. The funds will be donated to the May Pen Hospital Neonatal Unit, the Lupus Foundation of Jamaica, and the Diabetes Association of Jamaica. The Gleaner interviewed several of the participants and posed the question, “Why do you support the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run?”


Christopher Tufton, minister of health:

“First of all, it is the largest 5K walk/run in the country, therefore having the most visibility and the most impact in terms of influencing health and wellness as a habit rather than just a one-off issue. The Sigma Run clearly mobilises a lot of Jamaicans, who, in turn, are ambassadors for the cause of health and wellness based on their participation.

“Second, the proceeds go to very worthy causes. In this instance, a lot of the proceeds go to health, and as minister of health, I really want to identify with any non-profit NGO or charitable activity that supports health.

“Third, it is good for me. Personally, we all need to practise health and wellness. Prevention is always better than cure, and my running or walking with the hundreds and thousands of others can only be a positive thing in terms of my personal health.

All round, it is a very positive example ... to identify with, and as a consequence, I am here every year.”


Lindsey McDonnough, director of Market Me:

“I participate in the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run because it supports a lot of great causes, like the May Pen Hospital and the Lupus Foundation. I don’t think many people in Jamaica are aware of lupus and its causes, so I think that it is good bringing light to it ... . Then there is the Diabetes Association of Jamaica ... . So it is good that so many people are out, and they come to raise funds for these very great causes.”

Patsy Latchman-Atterbury, CEO of Tastee Limited:

“I support the Sagicor Sigma Run because it is a great opportunity for corporate responsibility and to encourage good health so that medical bills can be reduced over time, thus creating a healthier and more productive Jamaica.”

Dr Carey Wallace, executive director of the Tourism Enhancement Fund:

“Team Tourism always supports any of the runs and races that we have, primarily because they are for a good cause: to donate to charity. It is also a team-building exercise for us and it helps to keep our team fit and interested in things that are related to health and wellness, so it is a win-win right around. I think it was very encouraging to see 111 representatives from Team Tourism here today at the Sigma Corporate Run.”


Ian Forbes, managing director of Sherwin Williams:

“We see the Sagicor Sigma Run as a part of our corporate social responsibility. Of course, we have our own projects and charities, which we support, but this being a national one, we saw it fit to ensure that we are a part of the bigger picture ... .

We see it as our duty. It also helps to build staff morale and keep together the camaraderie. For us, it is a no-brainer as to whether or not we should participate. While this year we had about a third of our staff complement, next year, we are hoping to get at least 60 or 70 per cent of staff participating.”


Ashleigh Onfroy, public relations officer for the Jamaica Prefects’ Association:

“I support the Sagicor Sigma Run annually because it allows me the privilege of meeting new faces and being able to interact with persons from various backgrounds as we all run, walk or wheel to champion the cause of selflessness. For a brief moment, the Sagicor Sigma Run reminds me that despite our multifaceted differences as a people, it is still possible for us to come together for the betterment of our nation.”


Sarrah-Ann Allen, head girl of Ardenne High School:

“I am a strong believer in the fact that persons who can support others, or who can provide help or assistance to others in any way that they can, should. So whether it is financially or giving up or making sacrifices, I think that it should be our priority to look out for others who can’t look out for themselves as much. I will continue to support the Sagicor 5K because I see that it is a brilliant endeavour by Sagicor to incorporate others in our society and to give them the opportunity to do what they could not do before. “


Alphanso Cunningham, first-place wheelchair-mobile male, Sigma Corporate Run 2019:

“I support the Sigma Run because it is for a worthy cause. It is a worthy cause to save young children and persons who are in (difficult) situations in terms of sickness by helping to give a contribution to them. It is also a part of our fitness and so forth, so that is why I continue to do it. I hope to see it continue and we get more and more crowds in order to get all the machines and stuff that are needed to help the sick children.


Odane Davidson, 12-year-old who won first place in the Under-16 Male Sigma Corporate Run 2019:

“I run because I want the whole world to know that I want to be the next Usain Bolt. It is my first time running the Sagicor Run, and I support it because I want to help the hospitals.”