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Call for regular updates from Integrity Commission

Published:Wednesday | February 27, 2019 | 12:00 AM

A rare public statement by the Integrity Commission, apparently in response to pressure from Justice Minister Delroy Chuck and other stakeholders to be more visible and outspoken about its investigations, has heartened anti-corruption campaigner Trevor Munroe, though he hopes it’s not a one-shot effort.

The commission, in an advertisement placed in The Gleaner last Wednesday, sought to update the public on major activities that have preoccupied the attention of the commissioners since assuming office more than 10 months ago.

Among the activities being undertaken, the commission outlined, is supervising the preparation of reports in relation to a total of 56 ongoing investigations, in addition to four new investigations that have been initiated and are “well advanced” since the coming into being of the commission.

“Better late than never,” asserted Munroe during his address to a justice of the peace training session at the Portland Justice Centre in Buff Bay, Portland, last Thursday.

“The next step is to ensure that these reports are regular. All its staff, particularly divisional directors, have proper contracts and adequate resources to carry out their responsibilities, especially in relation to the expeditious completion of investigations into Petrojam,” he added.

The Integrity Commission Act mandates that the commission should undertake its functions through divisions, including an Information and Complaints Division, Investigations Division, and Corruption Prosecution Division.