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Paralegal, mother and go-getter – meet Jodianne Snape

Published:Saturday | March 2, 2019 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Snape with her children.

Mandeville, Manchester:

Embodying resilience and strength effortlessly, Jodianne Snape has been proving naysayers wrong for years and is happy to continue doing so by excelling in her career while raising a king and three queens.

The paralegal by training and profession has been a working mother for the past 12 years, a title she says she is very proud of.

“I am a paralegal. We are the eyes and ears of the attorneys; we assist in creating legal documents, and it is our duty to be able to understand the law in order to provide the support the legal realm needs. Importantly, though, I am a single mother of four children: one boy, being the eldest, and three girls.”

Snape said that the strong support from her mother, father, grandmother and sisters, affords her the opportunity to be productive while managing her time well.

“I schedule a time for work and a time for family, but where work and family conflict, once my mother or my sister is available, they fill in. There are times I have to leave where I am originally from and head to a different parish due to workflow. Then, my mother fills in by assisting with homework and helping them prepare for school. When it gets overwhelming, my father ensures they get to school.”


Snape, who is also involved in a non-profit organisation, said she plans her entire week on Sundays to avoid chaos.

“My busiest days in a routine week are Sundays and Mondays. Preparation for the week ahead is usually hectic, getting the children organised, combing their hair – I style all three girls’ hair – and sorting their school uniforms, school projects and homework. I also do laundry, along with housework, and prepare my plans for work, business development, and personal development, again with the help of Mommy and Grandma.”

Having fun doing just about anything, from reading to relaxing, lyming with friends, playing games with the children, and taking small nature trips with family and friends, Snape said she has learnt over the years how to strike a balance.

“The hardest thing for me, as a working mother, is when I am completing a work project and having to attend to an ill child, which happens from time to time.”

But challenges never stop her.

“I see myself establishing JNS Paralegal Services as a reputable legal-support service with tremendous growth, which includes the stock market. I also see myself being a proud mother of independent children who will make a positive contribution to society. I always encourage my children to fear and love the Most High, creator of all things, and to do all the good they can, in all the ways they can, as long as they can,” she ended.