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Hello Mi Neighbour | Try Agape love: This kind just gives and gives

Published:Wednesday | March 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! The heart controlled by true love is a deadly weapon! And how do I explain this? Can anyone explain love? Years ago a couple in love got married with the solemn promise, “Till death do us part”. However, with the passage of time, their relationship became a problematic triangle. On this, the gentleman moved out of the matrimonial home to live with the third angle of the triangle. Still controlled by true love, the wife continued to love her husband.

After the novelty of the new-found love wore off (they usually do), the young lady, being 19 years the gentleman’s junior, found newer love and the cheating game began. Enraged by this betrayal, the older man lost control and murdered the young lady. While languishing in prison, who do you think was his mainstay, visiting frequently with basic necessities? His wife, who just couldn’t stop loving him? The tongue-lashing, severe criticism, condemnation and threats from friends and relatives could not deter this woman whose heart was controlled by love for her husband. “Rubbish!” some may say, but hang on!

There is an unfathomable aspect of love called agape love. This kind just gives and gives, expecting nothing in return. Its main concern is that someone is hurting and needs help. It is the selfless love which empowers the soul to withstand the deepest hurt, with absolutely no desire to retaliate or wish harm to the one who inflicts pain. It’s this compassionate love that makes us sympathise and connect, even, with people we don’t know. “What the world needs now is (Agape) love” which cannot be defeated, but always defeats.

Story is also told of another gentleman who, while standing in the energy of agape love, underwent a severe test of inner strength and came out a smiling, shining star. While being ridiculed, heckled and undermined by enemies who desired his demise, he just kept on pouring on kindness and sympathy on them. After a while their hearts broke and they sought forgiveness on bended knees. True story. True love certainly wins in the end.

Physical effects

The thought of having enemies who wish for our demise every day can be debilitating. Doesn’t matter if they are in the streets, in the home, at the workplace or church. At the psychological level, these thoughts can cause fear, and a desire to harm others and self, etc. And, yes, the effects on our physical bodies are too numerous to mention here.

But hear this, life can be beautiful when we are ‘in love’. Not just the erotic type of love which causes attraction between male and female who, as a consequence, say they are in love. Erotic love can become very problematic and have some ugly side effects if the aggrandisement it often seeks is absent. Watch it! The ‘in love’ of which this writer speaks is a space in the big scheme of love (agape), where people always endeavour to overcome evil with good.

Agape love which works as a deadly weapon, warding off forces of evil and negativism, also enables human beings to love their neighbours (including enemies) as themselves. There is supernatural reward/protection for those who practise agape love, and it is available through divine infusion. Pray for it.


- Karlene, St Andrew, for donation.

- Angella, St Andrew, for donating to her neighbour’s welfare.

- Corrine, St Andrew, for donation.

- Rema, St Andrew, for donation.


- Derine – asking for a television.

- Novelette, St Catherine – asking neighbours for food items and TV. Suffered missfortune.

- Neighbour, mother of five being thrown from place to place with children– asking for blocks and a few bags of cement to build a little place for the children.

- Horace, unemployed – asking for neighbour’s assistance to start a little business.

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