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Talkback Tuesday | Crawford’s remarks about Vaz stir raging debate

Published:Wednesday | March 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM
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What are your views on the remarks by People’s National Party prospective candidate for the Portland East by-election, Damion Crawford, that he is fighting a class war against Jamaica Labour Party political newcomer Ann-Marie Vaz?


“Spot on! Agree with @DamionCrawford – it’s a war against #inequality, against @jlpjamaica + their philosophy. Jamaica has had a chronic issue with race + class driving the persistent inequality that most Jamaicans suffer. If u don’t name the problem correctly u can’t solve it!”

@imani_dp (Imani Duncan-Price)


“Damion has no moral authority to speak about same. He campaigned vigorously for Shane Alexis, a non-Jamaican. He is morally bankrupt. “

@clinton_rattray (Clinton Rattray)


“He is creating class warfare.”

@krazyjcan (The CrazyJamaican News & Opinions)


“His comment was accurate and in sync with what the average Jamaican faces on a daily basis. “If yuh did brown yuh wudda pretty!” How often do we hear that? Talk up Damion!”

@cutiee_chello (Chelsea)


“Let us look at the substance of what Damion has to offer to this country and by extension the good people of East Portland. We are making much out of nothing. She wants to be Mrs Portland to match the self-proclaim Mr Portland and Damion reminded her that will [not] happen. “

@OALarro (Rise on purpose)


“Mr Crawford was throwing political jabs. Nothing unusual from our standpoint. Your opponent claim, you should then counterclaim. This sexist/classist agenda being pursued, is a distraction from the solutions needed for the people of Eastern Portland.”

@better_jamaica (A Better Jamaica)


“He’s running for a seat. He just started, how is this a war at all? It’s an exaggeration and an insult to those who actual face a classist war daily.”

@janekoysen87 (Jan Williams)


“He said nothing wrong. Facts are facts. The people who are upset with him are the ones who are benefiting from class privilege and don’t want to admit it to themselves.”

@KikiB777 (Bedroom Bully)


“This is an everyday situation for any trying middle and lower class person in Jamaica. If you’re not light-skinned and from a well known family background you will remain a ‘trying’ Jamaican as ‘prosperity’ is just for a few... “

@iRep_Starlife (Starlife_Diva)


“He spoke the truth. It does exist and sadly we are not Out of many one ppl We do need a Jamaica that works for all.”

@mario_woode (Mario Woode)


“Not a thing ...a because him black why they beating him down.”

@getmylegacy (Eddie Lion)


“He said, “it’s not a fight against Mrs Vaz, it’s not a fight against Daryl Vaz, it’s not a fight against JLP, it’s not even a fight just fi di seat; its a fight against history, its a fight against the system and its a fight for the future.” He made no war with his opponent.”

@Ja4jamaicaJames (Jamie Anderson)