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FLOW addresses St Mary customers’ concerns

Published:Thursday | March 7, 2019 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer
From left: Flow’s Ronnie Thompson, senior director of customer experience, and Kayon Mitchell, director of corporate communication and stakeholder management, in discussion with St Mary Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and industry executive members, Mekaeel McNoon, board member; Paul Williams, second vice-president; Prudence Williams, assistant secretary; Frederick Young, president, and Earl Irving, treasurer.


Telecommunications company F low Jamaica has reached out to disgruntled St Mary customers by attending the parish’s Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry monthly meeting to hear their grouses and offer solutions.

Late last year, Chamber president Frederick Young, in a Gleaner interview, revealed that business persons in St Mary were complaining about poor service and, in some cases, a lack of service, from the communications service provider.

On Monday, Kayon Mitchell, F low’s director of corporate communication and stakeholder management, and Ronnie Thompson, senior director of customer experience, led a F low team to the meeting, held at Casa Maria Hotel, and later left customers with hope of improved service in the near future.

Issues relating to dropped calls, poor Internet service, lack of Internet service, inability to get landlines, issues with data plans, slow response to complaints were some of the matters addressed.

One customer, Althea Duckie Foster, general manager at Galina Breeze Hotel, said the meeting offered hope to finding a solution to a telephone problem affecting the hotel for several months.

“I would say yes, I am satisfied with response from F low this evening, and the fact that the regional manager has given me his business card to take it further so that the issues that I have he will deal with them,” Duckie Foster said.

Mitchell told The Gleaner after the meeting: “For us, it was important for us to reach out and connect with our business customers. We’re certainly happy that we were able to have comprehensive discussions this afternoon, and our takeaway from this is to keep the dialogue going and, more important, the issues that we would have noticed, we’re going to be investigating those, and we’ll be responding to the president in terms of the resolution of those matters.”

Young, too, was pleased that F low responded to concerns of the parish’s sector and is hopeful going forward.

“Hoteliers who were here have to wait months to get corrective measures, months to get refund when they were having a problem with no service, so we are leaving much better today with the promises made and the information that was given that they would look into these issues raised,” Young said to The Gleaner.

“Today, we are in a better position to understand their challenges and to understand what we can do as a body to continue the dialogue to ensure that service is provided by our utility company, in this case, F low.”