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Give Floyd green light

Published:Friday | March 22, 2019 | 12:31 AM

Following the resignation of Education Minister Ruel Reid amid corruption allegations, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has assigned Minister without Portfolio Karl Samuda to oversee the education ministry. Yesterday, we asked via our social-media platforms, ‘Who do you think should be appointed the next education minister, and why?’

Floyd Green was the main candidate recommended by followers of The Gleaner’s social-media accounts.


Grace Williams Bailey: Floyd Green, because he has the knowledge working alongside him first, so I know he would be the best person. I hope he will be placed there.

Feliz Clarke-Cargill: Floyd Green, he’s very brilliant, he’s passionate about youths and education. He’ll definitely elevate the ministry.

Sophia Beecher-Garrick: Floyd Green. Brilliant young mind who is hard-working and will help elevate the ministry.

Donna Clarke: Floyd Green. He has been exposed to the ministry for almost three years. He’s familiar with the transition from GSAT to PEP, he’s mature, far less arrogant than his predecessor, and has a passion for our children and education.

Tevon ‘Baby Chef’ Tennant: Andrew Holness himself, though he had a lot on His hands, he’s more capable. A good work when he was education minister.

Prince ‘Black-x Simpson’ Robinson: Sharon Hay-Webster. She has been acting in the ministry since the start of the administration and is in the best position for stability and smooth continuity at this point in time.


@slidemongoose: Chris Tufton – his style of leadership, openness and mindset would be perfectly suited for education minister.

@hornofafrica251: Mutabaruka, as he knows what the next generation needs to be equipped with!

@albrown001: Floyd Green ... . Think he’s capable and may be one of the genuine few.