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Big surprise for Novlette Thompson in Manchester - As she walks away with $1M prize from Best Dressed Chicken

Published:Friday | March 29, 2019 | 12:00 AM

The Best Dressed Chicken team made their way to the home of Mrs Novlette Thompson in Spaldings, Manchester, recently, to surprise her with $1,000,000 as the winner of their Christmas Winnings promotion.

Thompson, a farmer by profession, had anticipated winning a shopping spree valued at $100,000. However, Best Dressed Chicken brand manager, Lorraine Kemble, told her that this was not so. Immediately thereafter, the Elite Steppers marching band emerged, adding jubilant sounds of celebration to the scene before a wrecker finally drove up with a massive Best Dressed Chicken-branded box on board. Thompson and her family proceeded to open the box sending balloons afloat and leaving behind a sign that read, “You’ve won $1 million.” The family erupted with screams of delight, dancing and hugging each other at the news.


“One of the best experiences for me throughout this promotion is the sheer joy that persons express when they win, right across the board, something as small as a supermarket voucher right up to our million-dollar winners, they have all been truly appreciative of our gifts. We really love spreading joy in this way,” said Kemble.

The family laughed as they shared how they had planned their shopping spree and had intended to visit the Price Gel grocery store in Christiana to practise their run, having elected son Kemar Thompson and 15-year-old granddaughter Danisha Small to assist in running for goods. Thompson has been entering the competition since January 2018 and finally won with a coupon code found in a pack of Reggae Jammin’ frankfurters. When asked whether she would enter the competition again she replied, “Yeah, even this morning I put on one a dem (coupon code).”

Brimming with gratitude and true Jamaican hospitality, the Thompson family harvested lengths of sugar cane from their farm to gift Best Dressed Chicken team members. Never to be out done, the team unleashed yet another surprise as they presented Thompson and her husband with two gift baskets.