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Steve Lyston | Time to start your business

Published:Monday | April 1, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Starting a business of your own is one of the best things a person could aspire towards. Being your own boss, where you can set your own hours, goals, and family time. Furthermore, it is difficult for one to work for someone and become a millionaire. Many executives and CEOs working for businesses have their own business on the side, as long as it is not in conflict with their current job.

Times and seasons are critical, and we are in a time and a season to start a new business, and operate it with godly ways and principles. You are creating an environment for God’s presence in the marketplace. He is looking for business people who will honour Him.

Time To Step Out

You have been given a word that you will own your own business. You have received a vision or dream. Something is burning within you to start your own business. You are afraid to step out, and you are afraid of failure. You are afraid to walk away from your present job, and fearful that you cannot manage on your own. If you can manage another person’s business, you can manage your own.

Fear is not of God. You must have faith! Faith is like a bridge that takes you from one point to the next. So from time to time you may get a dream about crossing bridges and you are wondering what it means. That dream means that the Lord wants you to step out by faith and go forward in the thing He told you to do.

You have been through enough hell already, building other people’s business; so you are already qualified with the necessary gifts, talents and experiences to be successful.

Write the Vision

The first thing you must do is write the vision – the plans, goals and objectives for your business. (Habakkuk 2: 2) Simply, put down on paper what the business is about (what you want or like to do) and what you want to achieve through it both in the near and distant future.

Remember, the just live by faith, so just put faith in action.

Have patience. Everything takes time. You may not necessarily have a booming success right away. You are building your foundation and your faith is being tested at the same time. The greater the testing, the greater the business will be.

Don’t Listen To The Negative

Don’t listen to the negative voice that makes you doubt whether you made the right decision to leave your job, tempting you to go and look for another job. Struggles give us knowledge and wisdom. You may even get a call from your former boss because to them, nothing is happening; and in addition to that, you are struggling to pay the bills because all your redundancy or severance money is either going or gone.

As you struggle, know that God is with you, and you are developing spiritual muscles – your spiritual quadriceps are being strengthened for greater expansion. You are birthing new ideas, new attitudes, new faith. Remember, you can’t follow the world’s way of doing things, and that is why you have to pray when struggles come, and even make decrees against the bills when they are piling up.

Ensure that the plans and goals you have for the business are clear and that you are prepared to function with integrity; that those who benefit will be motivated to tell someone else. This can also be one of your biggest marketing tools with which to present your business.

Delay Is A Part of Growth

Both delays and setbacks, and even betrayal, are part of the growth of your business. Ensure that you have your vision board where you can write your short-term goals, such as your monthly expectations. Expectations such as, new accounts, increased sales, cash flow, new contracts and favour with landlords and mortgage companies. Expectations such as on-time payments from customers/clients, no or low bad debts. Positive confessions work. Jesus spoke to the fig tree and the following day He saw the manifestation.

So, we don’t operate according to the world’s systems. We operate by faith and positive confessions. This is not time for you to quit. Make the sacrifice and start that new business, because there are many awaiting your success.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.