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Latoya Bell pushes love and marriage in new books

Published:Saturday | April 6, 2019 | 12:15 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer

Author and Christian life coach Latoya Bell is pushing the love agenda in her two books released via Amazon – Don’t Give Up On Love and Don’t Give Up on Marriage.

Bell, in sharing about her books, said if people truly realised the benefits of love and love as how God loves us, what a wonderful world we would have.

Expounding on her books, she said Don’t Give Up On Marriage was written to encourage persons to keep believing in the importance of marriage, which contributes to the healthy development of children, and also to show them how to become marriage material.

Bell said both books were inspired by personal experiences and statements made by close friends and family.

“There was a point in my life when I wanted to give up on love because of getting hurt by abuse or rejection. Some of my friends and family went through similar experiences so I understood exactly how they felt,” she said.

During her season of hurt, Bell said she sought Jesus, who proved to be her comfort. It was then she said that the Lord spoke to her personally. One evening after praying for God to remove her desire to love, she said the Lord told her clearly that she had a choice to make.

waste of time

“Would I shut Him out or continue to give love, because He is love,” she said, pointing out that her daily conversations with others about love would often leave her feeling burdened because they viewed love as being a waste of time, and that weighed heavily on her heart.

“Many persons don’t realise that it is not love that hurts, and this was my driving force to writing Don’t Give Up On Love,” said Bell.

Pointing to the breakdown in families powered by divorces, Bell said the divorce rate worldwide is increasing, and Don’t Give Up On Marriage was written to remind people that marriage is the foundation on which the Lord designed the family to be built.

“A lot of people, including myself, grew up in a broken home, but I assure you, this was not the perfect will of God for any of us. So many children are hurting because they do not have a stable family, so we need to work towards rebuilding families,” Bell said, pointing to her book to explore encouragement to keep the fire burning in the marriage.

Bell said if there is one thing she wants readers to take away after reading her books it is for them to recognise the importance of marriage and to start valuing the institution once more.