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Man taken into custody after recovery of $2.5 million worth of stolen cell site batteries in Norwood

Published:Thursday | April 11, 2019 | 12:00 AM
The stolen batteries being used to power the sound system in a car whose owner has been taken into custody.

A man was taken into custody following the recovery yesterday in Norwood, St James of $2.5 million worth of stolen batteries used to power cell sites.

The man, whose identity was not revealed, was reportedly found using four of the batteries to power what has been described by the police as a massive sound system in his car.

The police say the batteries were stolen from FLOW's mobile sites and multi-service access nodes in the parishes of St Ann and Trelawny.

These access nodes provide the necessary electronics and circuitry to facilitate FLOW's Internet, cable and fixed voice services.

In a statement thanking the police, FLOW said: “Over the years, the company has been plagued by repeated acts of theft and vandalism of its network elements and infrastructure.” 

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