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Marshalee Hinds: Self-taught hairstylist, mother and go-getter

Published:Saturday | April 13, 2019 | 12:10 AM

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Years ago when Marshalee Hinds was defiant and restyled her hair after it was done by her grandmother, she really meant no disrespect, but was bent on honing a skill that would later provide for her family.

“I was not taught how to do hair, I acquired the skills on my own. Growing up with my grandmother, I never liked those granny plaits that she always gave me so I always pulled it out and comb it my way. Later when I became a mother, I could not afford to pay someone to have my hair done, so I learned how to do my own hair and then that of others, until I became very good at it and started making money,” Hinds told Family and Religion.

A working mother since 1995, Hinds said she works every day to give her four children the best life she can.

“The name of my business is Tanya’s Natural Hair Solutions. I am currently operating from home, but I’m in the process of constructing a salon for myself. I enjoy my work and love to see when my clients are satisfied. I am not just content with being a haircare specialist. I intend to develop my own haircare products, like my role model C.J. Walker, who said, ‘I got a start by giving myself a start’,” she said.

Hinds told Family and Religion that her children have pushed her to learn how to manage time and being thorough.

“My busiest day includes getting my three smaller kids off to school, after taking my youngest to school, coming back home and finishing housework, working in my hair space, leaving to pick up kids from school, cook dinner, sometimes fill a late hair appointment, while also overseeing homework and spending time with my kids before going to bed. There are days when some unexpected things come up and I just have to deal with it,” she noted.

Hinds continued: “My kids attend high school, primary school and basic school, and I am a part of all three schools’ PTA (parent-teacher associations), plus other groups that I volunteer for. It’s a matter of spacing yourself and prioritising your daily activities.”

She said through her experiences she learned that education, in addition to having a skill, can mobilise anyone to get out of adverse situations.

“Just believe in yourself and the possibilities are endless,” she said.