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Religion & Culture | Abortion: The genocide of black America

Published:Sunday | April 14, 2019 | 12:00 AMGlenville Ashby/Contributor
Ian Allen/Photographer Members of the Love March Movement stage a silent protest against the proposed legalisation of abortion along Duke Street in Kingston on Wednesday, March 27.
Glenville Ashby

Every action, every programme or solution presented to a people must have an identifiable good on a collective level. Every action or behaviour is either constructive or destructive. If you can tell me the good that abortion brings to the black community, I am willing to listen and help you promote it because more than any other group, we need solutions to centuries of abuse.

‘Living black’ in America has always been a challenge. Let no one fool you. Whether you set up shop in toxic black neighbourhoods, work among condescending white liberals (oblivious of their own racism), or face open racists posing as police officers, you learn to navigate choppy waters.

We oftentimes forget that we are still in a plantation system, despite one or two black faces that have successfully climbed the proverbial ladder. “We made it,” they tell us. Hurray! Now what? We are still left with a majority who are disadvantaged after desperately trying to fit in. So, any programme or course of action presented to us must prove worthy and tangibly beneficial. Period.

It is that straightforward. I am not concerned with the politics of abortion. I am not interested in taking a political side: Democrat or Republican. Liberal or Conservative. Black people are too easily dragged into a discourse that, at the end of the day, has never authentically served their interests. Frankly, blacks have been more psychologically derailed by the so-called liberalism than by any other ‘ism’. But that discussion I take up another time.

So I cut to the chase. Abortion has decimated the black race like no other single plan of action since the transatlantic slave trade. The genocidal impact on the black community must not go unnoticed, nor should we be cowed by those who promote the teachings of Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem, teachings that promote the hidden agenda of the white supremacy system. So you ask: But aren’t white women also having abortions? Do they not staunchly promote the right to choose?

And I answer: Is abortion ravaging the white family structure? Is it causing the political disenfranchisement of white people? Has it dismantled the system of white privilege? Are single white-parent homes economically disadvantaged? Then I will throw in some statistics for good measure (see below), and state: “A marginalised people don’t have room for error.”


Without question, every black person on this planet should learn the history of the architects that have spoonfed the poison that is abortion into our communities.

Thankfully, the Kenyan government has wised up to the real agenda of folks who always know what’s best for us and have banned Marie Stopes, the British counterpart of America’s Planned Parenthood, rightly accusing it of promoting abortion and spreading what it called “moral decay”.


(Only in medical situations will an abortion legally stand.)

But the picture is far from optimistic in the US, where the statistics on black abortions are staggering:

- More than 19 million black babies have been aborted since the 1973 Roe v Wade US Supreme Court decision legalised abortion in the US our country.

- Non-Hispanic black women have a significantly higher abortion rate (25.1 per 1,000 women of reproductive age) than that of non-Hispanic whites (6.8) and Hispanics (11.2).

- 36.0 per cent of all abortions in the US in 2014 were performed on black women. However, only about 13.3 per cent of the total population is black.

- African-Americans are no longer the nation’s largest minority group. Today, Hispanics have outpaced blacks in population growth. (

So tell me: What clout, if any, does black America really have? This explains why the Democratic Party has pivoted to the Hispanic community. Blacks in the US have continued to lose ground because they are mere pawns in a deadly game of chess, a game they just don’t understand. They, we (I cannot separate myself from the black family) are faced with an existential crisis, a crisis of conscience, a crisis of survival.

Yet, those who push abortion are never there to help black girls deal with the psychological trauma of their decision, black girls who already are short on emotional support at home or in the community; they are never there at the funeral of black children innocently gunned down in a prison system called projects; or present to help sexually abused girls, and have never ever presented a real agenda for economic and social empowerment. But, they are ever at the forefront when it comes to abortion when the first order of business must be healing the black family and a two-parent solution.


The strong black family has weathered the worst of institutionalised racism and even prospered, not because of some radical liberal agenda that touts a false sense individual rights, but by power of organised numbers. A strong black family equals a strong black community that can strategically shape its own agenda and interests. Just ask the black community that built Black Wall Street in 1920s Greenwood, Oklahoma.

I have already presented the spiritual and psychological argument against abortion (Western Feminism – a Danger to African Spirituality, The Gleaner, October 14, 2018).

Now my only concern is rooted in the economic and political strength that comes out of numbers, more so, organised numbers. A decimated people lose political, economic and military ground. I said it before: marginalised people have little room for error. Case in point: The ever-growing strength of the Jewish people is not only built around a militarily strong Israel, but an Israel with a deliberately growing Jewish population surrounded by numerically stronger Muslim nations. From 1948 to today, the population of Israel has increased exponentially, from under 900,000 in 1948 to near 10 million.

Clearly, only a fool will promote a course of action that numerically weakens his race and his people.

I am no such fool.

- Dr Glenville Ashby is the award-winning author of the audiobook ‘Anam Cara: Your Soul Friend and Bridge to Enlightenment and Creativity’. Email feedback to and, or tweet @glenvilleashby.