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RGD updates application forms

Published:Thursday | April 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM

The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) has revised its record updating application forms as part of efforts to improve customer-service delivery.

The forms that have been modified are those used for re-registration; late entry of names; late registration of births and deaths; and correction of error, whetherbirths, deaths, or marriages.

The RGD’s Customer Care Manager, Trudy Edwards, said that the entity has commenced issuing the revised forms at all its offices but will continue accepting the old forms up to October 1, when they will be phased out.

Edwards further noted that beginning May 1, only the revised forms will be available on the RGD’s website at

She pointed out that the forms have been revised to provide customers with additional information through a step-by-step guide to the various application processes.

The forms detail requirements for the application process, including documents that should be submitted to the RGD, procedures to complete same, and whether interviews are required, among other things.

Customer experience

“The RGD seeks to improve the customer experience by providing all users of our services with the relevant details to assist them in preparing their application and to ensure that they have the right documents when they do visit our offices,” Edwards said.

She added that the new forms would assist in reducing the number of visits persons would be required to make to the RGD in trying to determine documents required or how to treat with a particular situation.

“For example, for the applicant who seeks to add the father’s particulars, there is now clarity in terms of the different scenarios such as if the father is deceased, what would the applicant do? If the mother is deceased or cannot be located, how would that matter be dealt with? So we guide them accordingly,” the customer care manager explained.

She further cited that in the case of correction of error, the revised form lists the main supporting documents that are required and also gives detail on the categories of persons who would be accepted as declarants.

“On the forms, we also still feature the ‘important points to remember’ because we do have some customers who want to do a last-minute check in submitting the required documents. We still offer the prices, and if it is that a particular case is one that is outside the norm, we guide the customer, step by step, in what it is that they need to do,” she outlined.

“So we have been hearing the complaints of our customers, and one of the complaints we would have received over the years would be whether, in attending each of our offices, information is similar across the board.

“We have now armed our customers with more information as this whole revision is to improve the customer experience and ensure that all our offices speak the same language as it is one voice, one agency,” Edwards asserted.


For more information, persons may visit the RGD’s website at; send email to; or at; or contact the Marketing and Planning Department at (876) 619-1260 ext. 6111-3 and 6104.