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Remmon Searchwell: the talented, artistic one

Published:Saturday | April 20, 2019 | 12:00 AMShanna Monteith/Gleaner Writer
Remmon Searchwell holds one of his pieces.
One of Remmon Searchwell’s handiwork.
Remmon Searchwell's artwork.


In the rural community of Sunning Hill, St Thomas, lives a talented 25-year-old who is anxiously awaiting a new day when the fruits of his labour will be displayed on local and international shelves, feeding the eyes of people all over the world.

Remmon Searchwell, a past student of Morant Bay High School who has been creating exceptional artwork, told The Gleaner that though he came into this world talented, his skills were further developed under the tutelage of one of his high-school teachers.

In describing his pieces and the inspiration behind them, Searchwell said his work mirrors his soul.

“From I was small, I realised that I can draw, and I get my inspiration at nights when I dream about painting. I get dream actually every night about various things; some of them are even scary. I’ll dream about snakes and other things like that, and when I wake up in the morning, I’ll create pieces to reflect the dreams. Some I do as abstract and others as realistic artwork,” he explained.

Searchwell admitted that the countrified and aesthetically pleasing characteristics of his environment not only become subjects of his art but also help him to relax as he creates his various impressive pieces.

According to him, “Even the sounds of the birds help me to meditate while I’m drawing and working. Arts really help me as a person to feel comfortable on the inside.

“I’m also inspired by other artists like Pablo Picasso, who passed, and Barrington Watson, who is a Jamaican artist.”

With hopes of converting his gift into his livelihood, Searchwell noted that with the necessary help, he will be able to frame and properly showcase his work.

“My plan for my craft is to become a famous Jamaican artist, hang my paintings in galleries and tour around the world so others can see my pieces,” he said.