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VPA condemns murder of child

Published:Saturday | April 20, 2019 | 12:00 AM

The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) is condemning the killing of eight-year-old Shantae Skyers, who was murdered after she went missing last week, and the mob killing of a man in relation to the incident.

Skyers’ body was found in bushes in Sterling Castle Heights in Red Hills, St Andrew, on Tuesday.

The alliance also expressed concern that such a heinous act was committed against this young and innocent child, adding that it was a reflection of the lack of value for life.

The society, the alliance further pointed out, is failing to protect its young and vulnerable as too many of the nation’s children are being impacted by violence.

Grief counselling

In the meantime, the alliance commended the Ministry of Education for dispatching a trauma team to provide counselling for students and teachers at Red Hills Primary School, which Skyers attended. However, the alliance stressed that the family of Skyers will also need grief counselling and therapy to get through this difficult period.

The VPA noted that the levels of crime and violence against the nation’s children are unacceptable.

The alliance also denounced the actions of a mob who beat and burnt a man in relation to the incident.“Taking justice in your own hands is unacceptable. Allow the police to do their work and the law to take its course. We cannot descend to jungle justice,” said the alliance.