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UPDATE: No motive in Top Bellefield, Manchester triple murder

Published:Tuesday | April 23, 2019 | 1:06 PM
Police personnel and curious onlookers near the scene where a family was murdered last night - Contributed photo

Tamara Bailey, Gleaner Writer

Residents of Top Bellefield in Manchester were left devastated this morning following the triple murder of a family in their house.

The deceased have been identified as 55-year-old Uriah Morgan, also called Ballie, his common law wife ‘Mable’ and her son 22-year-old Odean Stephenson.

According to Superintendent of Police David Whyte, the bodies were found approximately 7:30 by a family friend.

Whyte said the bodies had gunshot wounds.

He said no motive has yet been determined for the killing.

“…Nobody heard anything or seen anything… the entire community is in shock and based on what we have heard none of the deceased would have been in anything illegal.

“The man was a farmer, the common-law wife was the one who sold the produce at the market in Kingston and the step-son had a 12-hour job down at the bakery in Williamsfield,” he told The Gleaner.

Morgan’s eldest brother Jeffery Pommels said he is at a loss by the killing.

“…This morning me wake up fi go me bush because all of us was supposed to go and me hear me neighbour bawl out and say a three a them dead ova deh… when me run ova deh now me get fi understand say a Ballie, him wife and the little boy.

“Boy I don’t know what could cause this… two a them on the bed and the little boy on the ground…this shocking man, I don’t know how this could happen,” he said.

“This is indeed shocking. This is the first time we have heard of something like this because it is a very quiet farming hardworking community… I just want to encourage the community to remain resolute and vigilant… anyone that has any information please pass it on to the police,” said Councillor for the Bellefield Division, Mario Mitchell.  

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