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Earth Today | Wisynco celebrates Earth Day 2019 with ‘Bokkle Wars’

Published:Thursday | April 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM
With two large bags of plastic bottles collected, this team member signals the start of the ‘Bokkle Wars’.
Wisynco team members write on the ‘Commitment Wall’ during their 2019 Earth Day celebrations .

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, the Wisynco Group launched its internal recycling challenge, dubbed ‘Wisynco ECO Bokkle Wars’.

Led by their team of environmentally dedicated ‘Eco Troopers’, the company’s staff members were urged to take in their plastic bottles as a way to launch the campaign.

Wisynco also unveiled what it is calling its ‘Commitment Wall’, intended to motivate and remind persons of their environmental responsibility.

“Utilising the ‘Commitment Wall’, Wisynco ECO will travel to all their office locations islandwide to get staff to write their commitment to helping to preserve the environment,” the company said in a release to the media.

“Join Wisynco as they endeavour to continue the Recycle Revolution, with the aim to collect at minimum 800,000 over the six-week period,” it added.

Meanwhile, Earth Day 2019 was celebrated on April 22, under the theme, ‘Protect Our Species’. This was in direct response to the unprecedented global destruction and rapid reduction in plant and wildlife populations, as reflected on the Earth Day website,

And this, the site says, “directly linked to causes driven by human activity” – from pollution to climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, and unsustainable agriculture, among other things.