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Adventist business leaders admonished to uphold Bible standards

Published:Monday | April 29, 2019 | 12:16 AM

Dr Eric Nathan, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s East Jamaica region, admonished members of the Adventist Laypersons Services and Industries (ASi) to follow the principles of the Bible and uphold its standards during a summit, held at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) recently. In referencing Micha 6:8, Nathan, who is secretary of ASi Eastern Region, argued that “It is normal for individuals in the world of business to strive for success by taking disadvantage of the weak and vulnerable and the unsuspecting”.

“It is very easy for individuals to operate with the philosophy that dishonesty is the way to become successful in business. We have often heard it said that we live in a dog-eat-dog society.

However, for the ASi, we must operate with the Bible as the standard of normality. The theme of the summit was ‘Break Out of Our Wall … The Weak Becomes Strong and the Strong Becomes Stronger’.

Nathan challenged the business leaders to break out of the various walls of customs and tradition in order to be successful.

“We are all creatures of habits, surrounded by walls of customs and traditions.

In order to improve our circumstances, we must be prepared to break out of those walls that confine us. Walls of insecurity and prejudice, fearing to take risk. We must be prepared to think outside of the box and move away from the confines of our comfort zones.

“We must be prepared to go where others have never gone to invent new products and move away from the competition. As we think of the logistics hub, we must be prepared to look for new opportunities and to go where no market existed before. “

In concluding, Nathan challenged the leaders to cultivate a spirit of benevolence by making a concerted effort to help the weak and the vulnerable to become stronger.