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‘Biggs’ was not dirty, says slain man’s family

Published:Wednesday | May 1, 2019 | 12:00 AMRuddy Mathison/Gleaner Writer
Sheldon ‘Junior Biggs’ Daley, who was slain in Chedwin Park, St Catherine, on Saturday night, April 27.

The family of businessman Sheldon Junior ‘Biggs’ Daley has rejected notions that his involvement in the shady underworld may have led to him being shot dead by three policemen at a party in Chedwin Park, St Catherine, on Saturday night.

One of the policemen, Constable Rohan Williams, was killed in an ensuing firefight and dramatic high-speed chase with an off-duty cop who is believed to have been moonlighting as a bodyguard to Daley. Corporal Kirk Frazer is still at large. The third policeman in custody has not been identified.

Two of the three policemen were on murder charges and had been pulled from front-line duty.

Kevron Burrell, a native of Kingston, who now lives in Miami, Florida, was also killed when the getaway vehicle slammed into his car before he was allegedly shot by police at the intersection of Job Lane and Brunswick Avenue.

Relatives of Daley told The Gleaner that they were mystified by the violent attack and are questioning the motives of the policemen.

“He was a consummate businessman who loved his family and community,” stated his putative brother-in-law, who was designated by the slain man’s mother, too traumatised to be interviewed, to be the main spokesperson for the family at their home in Spanish Town.

“Any attempts to make Junior out to be a bad person are strongly rejected by this family. He was not known to be involved in anything nefarious. All he does is manage his businesses, that include taxi ownership, liquor store and promotion of various events,” said Daley’s brother-in-law, who requested anonymity.

Daley was painted by family as hard-working and ambitious, a wharf worker-turned-self-made businessman who was meticulous and exacting.

“He was the kind of businessman who, if he does a business with anyone and even 50 cents was outstanding, he would try to collect it to ensure that he keeps his accounting intact,” stated the brother-in-law.

Daley, the only child for his mother, reportedly assumed leadership of the family home after his father died a year and a half ago.

“He assumed that position with pride, taking care of his mother, his common-law wife and their three children while always contributing to community endeavours,” the brother-in-law said.

But while some residents who knew Daley attested to his generosity, others hinted that a deal that gone wrong might have been at the centre of a dispute that ended in bloodshed.