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Brillena Knight living her purpose

Published:Saturday | May 25, 2019 | 12:15 AMShanna Kaye Monteith/Gleaner Writer
Brillena Knight
Brillena Knight

The undying passion for the souls of young people to be saved stays with 23-year-old Brillena Knight, who believes her purpose here on Earth is to serve youth and help them draw closer to God.

This passion, somehow, has been transformed into a burning burden for youths who are not doing enough for the kingdom of God and those who are turning away from Him and the Church.

“Fasting, praying and seeking God in the wee hours of the night should not be a thing of the past. This should be our lifestyle because other religions don’t relax when it comes on to making the necessary sacrifices in working for their beliefs,” she said.

Knight, who now serves as the youth president at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church in White Horses, St Thomas, explained that one of the calls upon her life came to her in a dream.

“I remember when I was unsaved and the Lord showed me a vision. I was attending church but behaving deaf towards the call to salvation.

“In the vision, I was visiting the church where I now fellowship, and a preacher pointed me out and told me to accept Jesus Christ and live or refuse Him and die.

“I started to hold my ears and shake my head in fear as to say, ‘No, I won’t’, but then, he repeated Acts 7: 51, a scripture that I was ignorant to at the time,” she said.

Eventually answering the call in October 2013, Knight admitted that the road has not been easy but all the while worth it.

She shared, “I wouldn’t even think about where life would have me if it had not been for Christ on my side. I said, ‘God, I’ll follow You only if You promise to never leave my side.’

“The funny thing is that I don’t know why I thought I had it all while I was unsaved because the enemy was robbing me blind of my education and a brighter future. I left the Morant Bay High School with 10 CSEC subjects, all with great passes, and it even seemed impossible to attend college, because of lack of finances, or to even find a job. I was heading to be depressed.

“Today, I’m a college graduate and a nurse, and I am imploring the unsaved youths in Jamaica to seek after God and stop playing deaf to the call of God.

“Run come see a Man before it’s too late. You will never be thirsty and empty as it is joy unspeakable abiding in the power of the Almighty.”

Don’t give up

The youth president also had a word for those young people who have already begun the journey.

“Keep the faith, and don’t give up. Don’t just be Christians on social media, but let it be true from your heart, and the life that you live should, indeed, speak for you.

“Flee youthful lust as that’s a dangerous path to take. Yes, sin may seem sweet and enticing, and testing and trials will come, but it’s up to you to keep the blood-stained banner high.

“Whatever you need, God will provide for you, whether it be education, job, shoes, a family, clothes, wisdom, knowledge, you name it.

“Some youths tend to backslide when they start a new school, job, or even change their address, but remember that God is everywhere, and He is with you and not against you.

“I’ve had opportunities where I could have backslidden during my college, time but I remembered my purpose in the kingdom, and what brought me through was my gratitude towards God.

“Don’t bow down to the strategies of the enemy. You can make it.

“Remember, a church without youths is a dying church,” she ended.