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‘Parental Intervention, the Way to Create a Better Nation’

Published:Saturday | May 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Top three female and males in the Mr and Ms Excellence competition at the Port Morant Primary and Junior High School in St Thomas. From left: First runner-up Shennelle Shakespeare, Miss Excellence Kimberly Small and second runner-up Jayla Allen; first runner-up Jervon Miller, Mr Excellence Kimani McFarlane and second runner-up Adron Redman.

The Parent-Teacher association (PTA) of the Port Morant Primary and Junior High School in St Thomas on Friday hosted the second staging of its Mr and Miss Excellence production under the theme ‘Parental Intervention, the way to create a better nation’.

Patrons described the evening’s proceedings as elegant and classy, and promoters confirmed that the event achieved its objective of sending a sound message to parents.

“In the midst of being entertained with a variety of talent, such as dance, dramatic pieces, poems, songs and speeches, a sound message was sent to parents that parental involvement is essential in creating citizens who will be deemed relevant in this competitive global world.

“While the production was a class act, the support could have been better regarding numbers. We are still working on that as we try to introduce a new culture of entertainment to the residents of the community,” said PTA president Marsha Ford-Bryan.

All eleven contestants reportedly demonstrated boldness in delivering their talent pieces.

She continued: “That was particularly outstanding, and in the end, Best Talent went to Kimberly Small (female) and Ramoer Bryan (male). The contestants were also exquisite in their attire for formal wear – they were the epitome of sophistication and elegance –and Adron Redman and Jayla Allen were voted best-dressed contestants.

“In keeping with the evening’s theme, the interview segment had contestants answering questions pertaining to what the school is currently doing to get parents involved in their child’s education, that is, strategies that can be implemented to get parents more involved. This segment brought out the analytical and critical-thinking skills among the contestants.”


Ford-Bryan told The Gleaner that to prepare for the pageant, contestants were taken on a tour of St Thomas, during which they visited the Bowden Wharf and the Bath Botanical Gardens, two historical landmarks in the parish.

According to her, “This was both informative/educational as it was recreational. They were able to create a link between these visits and their academic curriculum. Here we saw some contestants becoming more outspoken and expressive. Teachers and parents alike gave testimonies of the significant transformation made by all the contestants, some more than others, though.

“Practice was held every day for approximately three weeks approaching the production. Skills learnt included time management and getting tasks done. The contestants were empowered during the training sessions, where they were taught to view this production not as a competition but as a means of marketing their school to the world. They believed they were the best, and as such, they assumed the attitude and demeanour. The contestants were highlighted as the catalysts through which others will come to know and realise the transformation taking place at Port Morant Primary and Junior High School and to assist the school in assuming its once-held status as the number-one primary school of choice in the parish and, to add to that, islandwide.”

Crowned winners among the 11 stars were second and first runners-up Shennelle Shakespeare and Jayla Allen and Miss Excellence Kimberly Small.

In the race of Mr Excellence, Adron Redman and Jervon Miller were named second and first runners-up, respectively, while Kimani Mcfarlane walked away with the crown.

“They are crowned as ambassadors who will carry the flag of the school and declare that we are true winners because we display excellence through discipline, which is the school’s motto. We had significant support from sponsors both within the parish, as well as nationally. We want to use this opportunity to say how grateful we are as a school family to have been blessed by such endorsements. Our main sponsors this year were Butty’s Funeral Service, St Thomas Signs, Spike Industries and, in light of services rendered in training, Mrs Charmaine Flemings-Davidson,” said Ford-Bryan.