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Diary of a Ghetto Priest - Father Richard Ho Lung

Always protect life

Published:Friday | May 31, 2019 | 12:32 AM
A woman holds a fetus doll in the palm of her hand.
A woman holds a fetus doll in the palm of her hand.

We must be ready to be martyred for the children of our future. This is a fight unto death, with love as our weapon and truth as our shield. We know that children are our future and that in many developed countries, population growth has slowed dramatically. What is the cause of this? Pregnancy is the beginning of life, but it has become the most dangerous stage for life. The most dangerous place to be is in the womb. In the United States, one million abortions take place annually; in Jamaica, this little Island home of ours, an estimated 25 abortions take place each year.

There is the horror that in our world, millions of babies conceived each year are murdered in the womb. There is also the truth that death by abortion is due to inconvenient conception for the mother and not as a result of rape, incest, or imperfect babies in the womb. How does the Lord sees all this, the author of life? Is the Lord pleased to see these millions of babies aborted? What does God want? Does He want women to choose what they want, or what God wills? The baby is a different entity in itself from the mother, with its own heartbeat, fingers, feet, eyes, ears, nose, and it squirms away from the death instrument inserted by the doctor.

Where is love? How can a mother reject the child of her womb? What of human rights? Does the baby have any right to live? Should it be given a chance to live? Or, is it the mother’s choice? I fear the death of love – there is no more tender relationship between the mother and the child of her womb.

Never must we condemn anyone for the sin – even of abortion – but always, we must love while correcting and telling the truth: it is wrong, it is a sin to abort. God is a God of life, not of death; whereas Satan destroys life, God brings life and protects life. Abortion as a legal right is the end of love.