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Launch out into the deep

Published:Saturday | June 1, 2019 | 12:11 AM

The daily reports of murders happening across the island indicate that we are living in very discouraging times. Reports of corruption and misuse of authority in some institutions, including churches, have made us disillusioned and afraid to commit 100 per cent to anything in our lives.

Some of us are even afraid to give ourselves completely to God, although God is calling us to a deeper relationship with Him. This requires courage as some of us think God will require more of us than we are willing to give while others think that if they don’t fully commit, they won’t be found guilty of failing in their commitment to Christ. The challenge is that with low commitment, nothing works, and then we, in turn, use our unrealised promises to justify our low commitment.

God requires our commitment, but that commitment will be tested. Testing and trials come to prove our resolve, and only those who are firm will reap the benefits. In Psalm 23, it is after we walk through the valley of the shadow of death that a table of provision is made available for our enjoyment. God wants our full commitment so that we will experience His greatest blessings. But some of us struggle with this. We still want to act the way we want, do what we want, and go where we want.

And sometimes we resist because we are afraid we will fail. But God’s provision is for our success, our protection and safe journey in the course of our life. Our commitment to God and having a strong relationship with Jesus Christ help us to not only stay close to Him but live successfully. In fact, we are strongest in our lives when we surrender to God and are submerged in His Spirit and will. In Psalms 1, the Lord relates the life of the believer to that of the tree planted by the banks of the river. As we let go and give God control of our lives, there are some key benefits that we will experience:

1. God will SUSTAIN us

We can rely on God’s Word and put our trust in Him. When the scorching heat or drought of life’s issues come, we can be confident of our source, the all-powerful God, that He is unlimited and will sustain us.

2. God will keep us STEADFAST

When we draw sustenance from God, our faith in Him will rise. Like the tree with its deep roots, our faith will be firm and steadfast, keeping us from turning back, walking away or quitting when our feelings get hurt.

3. God will SHELTER us

Our almighty God will shelter us, so although the commitment God is calling for can be intimidating, that is the kind of faith that will take us through the storm.

4. God will SHARE His life through us

The clear description of the trees (in Psalm 1 or Rev 22) is that they produce fruit for eating and their leaves are for the healing. God wants to bless His people, but it has always been His plan for us also to become a blessing – we are blessed to bless others, and through us, our loving God intends for the world to know Him.

Many of us sense that God is calling us into a deeper commitment to Him. We may have a glimpse of the vision that God has for us. But we will never experience the real power of what the Holy Spirit will bestow until we completely surrender to His will.

It has to do with us!

Let’s pray.

Father God, give us the grace to be submitted to Your will as we deepen our commitment and increase our faith in Your ability to keep us and Your desire to sustain us.

In Jesus’ name,