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For a love that goes beyond all - Couple makes every sacrifice to ensure each other’s happiness

Published:Saturday | June 1, 2019 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Tanisha Brown-Alexander with her husband, Patrick Alexander.
Tanisha Brown-Alexander with her husband, Patrick Alexander

Rose Hill, Manchester:

For almost all her life, Tanisha Brown-Alexander has battled the effects of epilepsy and asthma, and she wondered if she would ever live a normal life and even find happiness.

But her happiness did come – five years ago – in the form her husband, Patrick Alexander, who she said has gone above and beyond for her to the point where she feels undeserving of such kindness.

Her only wish now is to help him with the maintenance of their home and to provide for him as he has provided for her.

“I tell my husband all the time that I want to help him. I want to do something; I want to be productive. I love taking care of the elderly and babies, and I would be willing to do something like that. I have three girls aged 19, 15 and 10 years old, so I know my way around children,” she said.

Brown-Alexander said when she sits at home and thinks about her situation, the unnecessary stress is a trigger, hence her need to be productive.

“As it stands, my husband, who does landscaping and farming, only gets landscaping jobs sometimes every three to four weeks, and it’s hard on him. It’s not easy for me to think about him working and not having the option to work. I want to carry my weight. He is a good husband.” she told Family and Religion.

Patrick acknowledges that times are hard but still believes it is now his responsibility to care for his wife, no matter what.

“I remember days gone by when she had seizures so bad that she was in bed for many days – in pampers. She couldn’t move, and I had to stay with her there. I couldn’t leave to work. I have even had some falling out with my own family because of the responsibilities I have taken on. But these are my responsibilities. I must take care of my wife.” he explained.

Patrick said he has even sacrificed being close to his wife to ensure that she gets the best care.

“I realise when my wife is in an environment where she is not comfortable, she will get sick, and so I will bring her to her relatives out of parish so she can be comfortable, and I can work, too, in my farm or if any job comes up so I can take care of the bills.” he said.

The couple said, ideally, they would want a small house, as their living situation is not ideal, and work for them both.

“When I was younger, I had terrible seizures, and I never know that I would survive it. Since becoming an adult, with the medication, I don’t have seizures that often; it is better controlled. The medication has its own effects, like drowsiness, but you just have to know when and how to take it. I am able to do more now, and I want to,” said Brown-Alexander.

With the cost for her medication totalling $15,000, sometimes in a single setting, she said it is the faith she lives by that keeps them going.

“We are Christians. We can’t worry, we just have to pray. When the trials come to us, we have to pray and tell God that we leaving it in His hand. God has blessed me with a good husband, and I know that. I don’t know what he wouldn’t do for me; he even tightened my locks and groomed my hair before we came today. So I just want to help him out because he already has my love for life,” she ended, beaming.

Patrick Alexander may be contacted at (876) 480-4963.