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Port Antonio Hospital gets new ambulances

Published:Thursday | June 6, 2019 | 12:19 AM


The Port Antonio Hospital has acquired two new ambulances, which will assist with transporting patients with critical needs and emergency cases to other facilities for treatment.

Both ambulances were handed over yesterday at the Port Antonio Hospital by chairman of the North East Regional Health Authority (NERHA), Tyrone Robinson.

The ambulances, which are retrofitted with a patient monitor, suction machine, and a defibrillator, were also examined by the drivers and the acting matron.

“It is well needed at this time and these two ambulances will go a far way in assisting this facility,” said Kerry-Ann Bryan Anderson, acting matron at the Port Antonio Hospital.

She added, “On a daily basis, you might have anywhere between eight patients that needs care or diagnostic services outside of the hospital. And oftentimes, we have to make appointment for those patients, which result in delays and inconvenience as a result of having only one ambulance. But with two additional ambulances, we can now transport two to three patients to Kingston for diagnostic tests to be done.”

According to the acting matron, the acquisition of two new ambulances will speed up the management of patient care, as oftentimes doctors are in dire need of information, as it relates to test results to further care for patients.

The Type-C health facility, which also operates an accident and emergency department, has had its fair share of challenges arising from a shortage of equipment and other resources.

new commitment

Member of Parliament for East Portland Ann-Marie Vaz has committed to the upgrading of the two nurses’ lounges, which, according to her, will go a far way in ensuring that nurses can relax in comfort after having to deal with trauma cases on a daily basis.

“I am committing to upgrading the two lounges, upstairs and downstairs, so that our nurses will have a place to come and relax and rest, after seeing the tragedies that come to this hospital on a daily basis,” said Vaz.

“I want to thank NERHA for the donation of these well-needed ambulances. This will bring our total to three. It was two before, but one is out of commission. So it is three to transport our patients who need critical care. So we want to thank you for this well-needed donation. I want to thank the staff of Port Antonio Hospital for working under conditions and making the best use of the resources that they have and that they are provided with,” the MP further noted.

Wayne Scott, an assigned ambulance driver at Port Antonio Hospital, was elated that two additional vehicles have been brought in to assist with transporting patients in emergency cases.

“I feel good and there are a lot of times that we have patients to transfer. And when one ambulance gone out, we have to wait for that one to come back, “Scott said.

He continued, “Now that we have two new ones, when one gone out, we can still transfer two other patients, rather than having to wait like we used to before.”