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Steve Lyston | Proven wealth and prosperity keys

Published:Monday | June 10, 2019 | 12:00 AM

God wants everyone to be wealthy. However, you must ensure that you apply the proven and correct keys. Remember Proverbs 13: 11 says, “Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, but he who gathers by labour will increase.”

If you want to be wealthy, never be greedy. Always remember that wealth goes beyond money. There are certain things you must value more such as your family, your health, the Presence of God, your pastor, spiritual mentors that help you to grow and increase.

In pursuit of wealth, never invest in anything that is against God’s laws, principles and precepts. Know the difference with savings and investments. Savings means that you are putting something away for a dry season, or toward a specific goal. Investment means that there is a longer term and greater risk involved. For example, purchasing an insurance policy, stocks and bonds (if you understand well how they work), gold, coins and other precious metals, land, real property (buying a house and renting it), investing in education or an educational institution are all good investments. They will always bear fruit – long or short term.


Engage in the principle of seed, time and harvest

Sowing and reaping is a good investment strategy, because you are actually laying up treasures in heaven. Giving to the poor is also always a good investment, because you will never lose it. God promised to repay you when you do.


Borrow to Build Wealth

For example, borrowing to start a business or to send you child to university; but ensure that you minimise the risk in doing so. For example, avoid borrowing against the equity in your house or taking out a second mortgage. But borrow to purchase land or agricultural equipment for farming.


Seek the Lord in your efforts to acquire wealth

Seeking God will give you the necessary tactics and strategies on the proper investment principles. There are many advisors out there who will tell you about building an investment portfolio. However, the Bible is one of the best financial books to guide you on investing.


Other Keys

Always count the cost when you are building wealth. It may cost you sleepless nights and you may need to make great sacrifices. It may cost you some friends. Always remember that there is a price to be paid in order to walk in prosperity.

Learn from the ants when building wealth. Laziness is not an option. The ants store. You may have to cut your spending in order to save. A diligent person will stand before kings. (Proverbs 22: 29)

Honour the Lord with your tithes and never forget the three feasts according to Deuteronomy 16, and capitalise on them.

Fear God and receive great wisdom, understanding, wealth and riches. (Psalm 112: 3). There are many who, after gaining wealth, no longer fear, honour nor acknowledge God. Instead they begin to use the benefits they receive to come against the things of God. Such individuals and organisations will end up in the hands of the righteous. Never stop asking, seeking or knocking; it will bring access to you. So, where you have failed before, start again. Start your business again. God can only release a blessing to you when you put your hands to something for Him. He says He will bless the works of your hands.

The act of obedience will bring you great prosperity. Obedience to God, parents, employer, those set over you. Obedience brings favour, expansion, abundance and is the key to economic growth and development. It allows you to be the head, the leader and brings you uncommon grace and uncommon favour. Obedience causes you to be a lender and not a borrower.

Never forget the fourth and fifth commandments – which I call the fourth and fifth laws of business. A day must be set aside for rest. When we fail to follow God’s instructions, we will have great losses. Many companies, and schools as well, are now ignoring those principles on the basis of economic growth. This is an excuse, and many think it will bring them gain, but they will actually lose much greater. If God, the Creator rested, how much more should we follow His lead.