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Government committed to decent work agenda – Holness

Published:Thursday | June 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the Jamaican Government recognises the social contracts that bind stakeholders, noting that people must be at the centre of development.

Addressing a high-level meeting of the 108th Session (Centenary) of the International Labour Conference yesterday in Geneva, Switzerland, Holness said that where there is shared sacrifice, there must be shared prosperity with the people.

“The best way to place people at the centre of development and share prosperity is to give them the opportunity to work, to be engaged in that sacred process of transforming their labour and creativity into wealth, earning a living from their effort. Eating their own bread, not by crime, not by immoral means, not by dependency, not by pity; but by work,” the prime minister said.

He noted that the Government was not only seeking to expand employment in Jamaica, but said that keen attention was being paid to the quality of jobs and the conditions of work.


“We are committed to the decent work agenda through empowering our citizens with education and training to make them marketable, employable and productive in a competitive labour market and economy.”

Holness asserted that workers should be able to create wealth and own assets from decent work.

He said that much more should be done for the Jamaican worker. According to the prime minister, progress was being made within a cooperative and collaborative framework of social consensus.

“We must ensure that the future work is managed in a strategic, sustainable, transformative manner that leaves no one behind as we seek to move our people from poverty to prosperity,” declared Holness.