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Catherine Hall Primary School celebrates Open Day

Published:Friday | June 14, 2019 | 12:07 AM
Members of the Catherine Hall Primary, Infant and Special Education School Brownies march on June 4.
Members of the Catherine Hall Primary, Infant and Special Education School Brownies march on June 4.

The Catherine Hall Primary, Infant and Special Education School in St James was a sea of blue and white on June 4, as scores of students, parents and members of staff celebrated the institution’s annual Open Day.

An air rich in school spirit encompassed the multifaceted Westgreen-based school as students loudly sang school songs and cheered on schoolmates who performed during the event.

The compound was dotted with displays of projects done by students throughout the 2018-2019 academic year as well as those done by members of the school’s clubs.

Principal of the school, Dudley Jennings, gave an overview about the day’s activities.

“We are celebrating Open Day with a difference, with a view of looking at all aspects of school life – cultural, academic, social and others,” he said.

Jennings also noted that the event, after an extended lull, celebrated a strong resurgence some five years ago, and there has been no looking back since.

“It’s now a calendar event, and the teachers, as much as possible, have their input. The children, and even the parents, look forward to it. It’s a motivational thing for the students,” he said.

“When they can look back to see that their work is actually recognised and is being displayed, it does something for them,” he added.

The Open Day festivities also served as an avenue to strengthen the partnership with parents and guardians, and promote the school to prospective parents.

“It shows that something is happening [here], and it also allows for a greater partnership with the parents, so they know that at least the children are here doing something that they can come to look at,” Jennings noted.

For her part, teacher and Open Day committee chairperson Mel-André Luke-Cole outlined that the day is dedicated to showcasing the hard work and enthusiasm of students.


Parent were pleased with the proceedings as their children not only put on a show but, through colourful displays, showcased academic and artistic pieces.

“I think it is a very good event. It is a good opportunity for the teachers to showcase the work that the students have been putting in. When you look around, you see projects that students have done from as early as September (of last year), which demonstrates that the school is not just about academics, [but] they help the students holistically,” said Brian Rose, a parent who was present at the event.

He also noted that the performances, as well as seeing the various clubs represented throughout the day, were great additions to the festivities.

Another parent, Amelia Powell, said that the school’s Open Day was “informative, and showcased a lot of what the school has to offer socially, academically and culturally. They showcase the different clubs that the school has. It is a very interesting and fulfilling event”.

Students who were fully immersed in the day’s activities also lauded the event.

Grade-five student Laila-Jai Rose said the Open Day served as an inspiration to students at the institution to “do things that they think they cannot do. You can also learn a lot of things from the event based on the displays that have been put up”.

The day’s activities also included a drill from the Catherine Hall Primary, Infant and Special Education School Cub Scouts and a march on the school compound by members of the school’s clubs.