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Shirley Smith wants God to turn her life around

Published:Saturday | June 15, 2019 | 12:14 AM
Shirley Smith
Shirley Smith

Rose Hill, Manchester:

At 60 years old, Shirley Smith said she never imagined her life would be like this, with lonely days, no real income-generating avenues, and an emptiness in her heart.

“When I get up in the mornings, I go here and there to find a little work. I will clean up a shop, tidy up places, just odd jobs so I can get a little change and get by. I will get a little $400 here and there, but I have to hustle hard so I can buy my dinner,” she said.

Smith said she has three sisters overseas but has not heard from them in years.

“I don’t know what has happened to them or where they are exactly. We grew up together and I doubt if from them leave them come back out here. I don’t think they remember me, but if they do, I really wouldn’t mind them finding me. I live at a house my parents left with three brothers, but they live their lives and do their thing. I am basically by myself,” she added.

With the number of options for work being very limited, Smith said she prefers to work than be reduced daily to mendicancy.

“I can clean very well, and I will organise things. I don’t really like the washing, but I will do everything else. So, if there is an office, let’s say in Mandeville, that needs a cleaning lady, that is something I can do,” Smith said.

Smith said when she looks at her life and how hard she has to hustle to be able to have food to eat, she often feels sad.

She continued: “If I don’t get a little place to clean up, I don’t have any money. Sometimes people will give me even a little $20 or $30 and me make it up, which is better than to steal.”

She described her life as a roller coaster that seems to just keep going down, but is hoping that God will make a way for her.

“I go to church, but sometimes I wonder why things can’t change for me. I feel ‘salt’ more while, and I just try to trust God more and more, but sometimes when nothing is changing, it is harder to have faith,” she said.

With very little experience in dating, Smith said she has always wanted a companion to share her life with. However, it has never worked out.

“I have had relationships that never make sense, so I just nuh bother with it, but God never make man to be alone so I wouldn’t mind someone that I can partner with me in this life,” she said.

She said while she understands that with God, life is not guaranteed to be with less difficult, she is hoping that much better days will come for her.

If interested in assisting Shirley Smith, call (876) 447-3426.

– T.B.