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NWA patches potholes hours after fatal Hanover crash

Published:Friday | June 21, 2019 | 12:17 AMHopeton Bucknor/Gleaner Writer
An NWA work crew repairing potholes at the site of Wednesday’s fatal crash in Hanover.
An NWA work crew repairing potholes at the site of Wednesday’s fatal crash in Hanover.

Western Bureau:

The National Works Agency (NWA) has patched potholes that were blamed for Wednesday’s deadly crash along the Barbican main road in Hanover, which claimed two lives.

Shortly before midday on Wednesday, the driver of a Nissan Tiida motor car reportedly swerved to avoid a pothole and slammed head-on into an oncoming minibus.

Both drivers, Everton ‘Wanga’ Riley and Kevaughn Sutherland, died, and 18 passengers in the bus sustained injuries.

Motorists at the scene directed their anger at the local authorities, saying that not enough is being done to improve the road conditions.

“The man dem woulda dead if dem fix the pothole inna the road,” bus driver Andre Foster told The Gleaner on Wednesday.

They also reported that the potholes had caused another crash in the area on Sunday.

By late Wednesday evening, a crew from the NWA was seen at the location filling the potholes with marl, and yesterday morning, another crew was observed paving the patched areas with asphalt.

This did not stop motorists from chastising the work crew for not fixing the problem earlier.

“A long time dem big pothole deh inna the road dung yah. A whole heap a accident happen tru dem, but nobody neva dead, and dem neva see it fit fi fix dem,” a disgruntled motorist said.

When The Gleaner made contact with Janel Ricketts, the community relations officer for the NWA’s Western Region, she said that the roadway had been earmarked for repairs and expressed sadness over the fatal accident.

“The recent accident is quite unfortunate, and the loss of life and multiple injuries is regrettable,” said Ricketts. “Our sympathy is with the loved ones and friends of the deceased. We pray for a speedy recovery for the passengers who were injured.”

In acknowledging that a crew had commenced work after the crash, Ricketts said the Barbican road was one of several thoroughfares the NWA had earmarked for early attention.

“This particular roadway is one of several roadways being targeted for repair under the National Works Agency’s 1st Quarter Hot Mix Programme. Preliminary works, in terms of sourcing labour and materials commenced on June 11,” explained Ricketts.