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Lunch-hour closure of post office angers residents

Published:Monday | June 24, 2019 | 12:05 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer

The consistent closure of the Hopewell Post Office in Hanover for lunch is a grave inconvenience to senior citizens and PATH beneficiaries who use the services to access state benefits on a regular basis. The residents complain that there is no place to shelter from the sun when the facility is closed by the two postmistresses, who go for lunch at the same time.

Frustrated by the situation, a senior citizen expressed her displeasure to The Gleaner last week as she waited in the sun outside the post office.

“Every time we fi get the little PATH money, a so dem always do. Is like is spite dem a spite we,” the woman protested as she wiped sweat from her face.

“Where on Earth more than one person working in a business and both of them take lunch at the same time and customers are there to be served? Only in Hopewell this can happen because nobody nuh care ‘bout us,” added the woman.


Persons complained to The Gleaner that regardless of the number of people waiting in line at the post office line at midday during the facility’s operating hours, they are simply told that it is lunchtime and that the post office will be closed and reopened at 1:30 p.m.

When asked by The Gleaner about facilities to accomodate beneficiaries, one of the postmistresses, who identified herself only as Ms Walker, said they were not to be blamed.

“Everybody cannot hold inside here because it is very hot around there (behind the counter),” said Walker, explaining why the seniors were not allowed inside.

When asked why both postmistresses had to go to lunch at the same time, Walker said that it was PATH beneficiaries and not the seniors who were being affected.

However, when several senior citizens who were not PATH beneficiaries were pointed out to both postmistresses, Walker bluntly stated, “I know,” and refused to answer any further questions.

The Hopewell Post Office serves not only residents from Hopewell but also residents from communities previously served by the Great Valley and Ken Jones post offices, which are now closed.