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Growth & Jobs | JAMPRO promotes medical tourism

Published:Tuesday | July 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM

The Tourism and Services Unit at Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is facilitating some major initiatives geared towards the development and promotion of leisure and medical tourism, health and wellness, and attractions.

Manager for Tourism and Services at JAMPRO, Carol Straw, informed that the unit is currently in the process of negotiating two major events related to medical tourism.

“One is a local workshop that we are now in discussion with the Medical Association of Jamaica to host, with the participation of a professor out of Harvard, who will address matters related to quality issues and accreditation considerations for the health and wellness sector,” Straw said.

She added that the unit will also be taking a delegation of local health and wellness practitioners to Latin America to network and meet potential investors and partners who may be interested in establishing a facility or partnering with industry players here in Jamaica.

“Medical tourism is certainly a very vibrant market globally, and what we have in Jamaica is a scenario where doctors are already treating persons from overseas, but they do not necessarily call them medical tourists,” she said.

Straw pointed out that the diaspora is a major target market to boost the local medical tourism sector.

“Already, a number of diaspora members do come back to Jamaica to do treatments, but there are other opportunities in the areas of dental treatments, the establishment of lifestyle or retirement villages, and also resorts that are focused on health and wellness,” the manager outlined.

She said that persons could consider “going to a resort for some yoga, for treatment related to obesity and general well-being, as there are resorts that focus on those areas”.

Straw noted that the unit facilitates marketing activities to attract potential investors, both locally and overseas, who can capitalise on the opportunities in these niches.