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St Thomas Gospel Pageant to foster unity

Published:Saturday | July 13, 2019 | 12:12 AMShanna Monteith/Gleaner Writer

An obvious segregation among the various churches has encouraged worship leader and youth coordinator, Venisa Morgan-Webster, to conceptualise an initiative which, she believes, will foster some level of togetherness among the institutions.

The St Thomas Gospel Pageant, which is set for October, will see nine godly and steadfast contestants from eight different churches not only vying for a title, but most important, praying, singing and fasting together throughout the competition as they focus on the ultimate goal of unity.

“I have seen where it’s like a tug of war where churches are concerned, and with the existence of so many different named churches, sometimes it gets people confused and sends the wrong messages. The churches need to unite: we are aiming for that one prize – and it’s serving Jesus Christ,” Morgan-Webster said.

The woman of God, who has been baptised for most of her years, told Family & Religion that it is her belief that Christians should work together as one body and not as a broken entity.

She said, “We believe churches should have an open mind to support each other’s ministries and grow together knowing we will be singing, dancing and shouting in heaven with angels, and this will be together. Not you there and me here: all will be together.”

Morgan-Webster revealed that fasting and prayer sessions will happen among the contestants and the members of the planning team every Tuesday and Thursday leading to the event.

“The competition is to encourage the young Christians in the churches that we are embracing togetherness. As the theme says, ‘young people will serve God, young people must serve God, young people have a right to serve God in a time such as this’.

“We are Christians and fasting and prayer is a must in every situation as we ask God for divine intervention and guidance. We are just encouraging love and support amongst the churches,” she said adding that persons wishing to contribute the cause are welcomed to do so.

The St Thomas Gospel Pageant will see each contestants presenting talent pieces, offering encouraging exaltations and answering questions based on the Bible.

Morgan-Webster, who works and attends church in Barbados, noted that she has a special connection to her hometown of St Thomas, and worships at her grandmother’s church whenever she visits the island.

Among other initiatives she has taken on in the parish are her feeding and charity programme, a special fundraiser for the blind and a back-to-school treat.

She explained that a few of the programmes have been established in Barbados also, and the others will follow suit. But according to her, “We uplift our hometown first.”