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Talkback Tuesday

Published:Wednesday | July 17, 2019 | 12:17 AM

The Gleaner’s followers on social media react to a story ­published on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, titled ‘Lockdown: Jamaicans go into hiding as news of sweeping deportation raids drives fear into immigrants.’

“If u live in the US for over 10 years and still don’t have a green card, you just wutless, plain and simple. – @_gr8dane

Fifteen years and don’t get any paper waste of time inna real life they could have gotten married long time ago to change their status but chose to go to parties and hype up in front of camera. – @box_tv428

Yet I see some of them on various social media sites everyday knowing they are not straight. Brave bad. – @territ3354

Fix the crime situation and most Jamaicans will come home. We are a proud and classy people. No person should be telling us to go home. We love our country. God made Earth for all humans. No one own any land. If you buy property it’s just for a while. – @annettsweetland

You ran away from Jamaica because of fear, nuh sort out urself properly and now ur living in fear. Ah cool. – @theetarameister

Like cockroaches when you turn on the light... Is that how you people want to live. No human being should live like this. Come home and be productive citizens with you head held high. The white world is getting more racist, hate mongering and far-right, Nazi like. – @jamaicantillidie

I know of someone here from 1988 with no papers .... trust me they exist. – @cryfimibwoy

Dem get too comfortable and hype without papers, instead of buying $1,000 sneakers and $600 t-shirt save the money and pay somebody to help you. A matter a fact some will never get a green card because of them criminal record. – @tenydon

Nine years and still don’t have papers. It should have been main priority since you arrived. Obama made it little easier also. – @bdc_215

Fifteen and nine years and still naav nuh paypaz? Unu deserve to come back a Jamaica with ­nothing but the clothes pon unu back. Anybody can wutliss suh? Weh unu a do all dis time an know seh unu nuh bawn a di ppl dem place! Kmt. – @unzippme

All that years and didn’t find a way to do your own papers ... We need to educate ourselves married alone is not the way to get papers learn that. – @rugbygirl