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LASCO Money, MoneyGram tackle early childhood literacy

Published:Friday | July 19, 2019 | 12:07 AM

LASCO Money, through its partnership with MoneyGram and the Mico University College Students Assessment and Research in Education (CARE) Centre, recently took proactive steps to help 16 kindergartenclass three parents identify and address literacy challenges with the hosting of its early childhood assessment initiative at the United Early Childhood Development Centre in Kingston.

Aimed at providing adequate guidance to parents on the best approach to addressing development among the kindergarteners the two-day assessment evaluated the current academic achievement, behavioural functioning, and need for special education support for the students.

“For us at LASCO Money, literacy at all stages is important and crucial to building confidence and overall child development. Our work alongside MoneyGram, Mico CARE, as well as the teachers and parents of United Early Childhood Development Centre underscores the unified approach that must be taken to address and improve the challenges facing our young students in the classroom,” said to Danielle Drysdale, marketing manager at LASCO Financial Services.

Results from the assessment showed that students needed development in non-verbal reasoning skills, whereas their verbal skills were found to be more developed. The students’ reading abilities, while average for their age, showed room for improvement specifically in areas of word reading and phonetic skills.

“The first few years of a child’s life are a critical time to invest in assessing their strengths and providing help, where needed, to ensure a higher success rate in their academic life. As teachers, we are truly grateful that LASCO Money and MoneyGram have stepped in to reinforce the message that early childhood assessments are a crucial step to improving foundational skills. They are not to be feared,” said Valarie Smith-White, vice-principal of the United Early Childhood Development Centre.

LASCO Money gives credence to the ideology that all students deserve equitable access to quality education and resources that support their academic success.

The early childhood assessment initiative marks the first in the series as LASCO Money looks to make even bigger strides to banish the stigma that early childhood assessments carry.