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Woman dies, children injured after being doused with corrosive substance

Published:Monday | July 22, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Sherion Morrison... succumbed at hospital.

Olivia Brown, Gleaner Writer

The hunt is on for a taxi driver accused of fatally dousing his 24-year-old Clarendon girlfriend with a corrosive substance and injuring their two children in a bizarre attack last night.

Sherion Morrison, a cashier of a Sunset Crescent address in Clarendon, succumbed at hospital.

Her four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son are being treated.

The man accused of carrying out the attack has since disappeared.

Earlier today, Sherion’s father, Everton Morrison, was in shock.

"There is no word to comfort," he said.

Between sighs, he recounted the moments leading up to the gruesome assault.

Everton said, last night, his wife, Evadney, received a call from their daughter.

"She called her mother and seh she and (common-law husband’s name withheld) have a little dispute. Somebody tell him seh dem carry her go to a man yard. They were there talking and she (Evadney) say, ‘if both of you cyaan ‘gree, send her back home’,” Everton said.

He said about 10 minutes later, they received another phone call, this time from their daughter’s common law husband.

"'Mommy, if you nuh come fi Sher, she a go dead in 10 minutes'," Everton said the common-law husband told Evadney.

Everton said he and his wife rushed to the house to find their daughter and children suffering from injuries.

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