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Kingsley Morgan relishes the bond shared with ‘baby bro’

Published:Saturday | July 27, 2019 | 12:14 AMShanna Kaye Monteith/Gleaner Writer

Permeating the social sphere with love for each other so thick it can be felt through computer monitors and phone screens, the relationship between Kingsley Morgan and his younger brother, Keneil, is the epitome of ‘bromance’ and an actual catalyst for others to mend their dysfunctional familial bonds.

Though 10 years apart, the two have managed to find common grounds in their slight generation gap, mastering the art of coexisting as siblings.

Sharing on the much-coveted relationship between the two, big bro Kingsley casually classed what the two share as a friendship.

According to him, “We’re great friends: we do everything together – from sharing viral videos and memes with each to watching football on the weekends. He’s my ‘wing man’ and I’m his ‘G”.

But, the 27-year-old senior accounts executive and businessman revealed that he wasn’t always the model big brother that he has grown to become, and that instead of affection, what he felt was anger towards his then innocent sibling.

“This bond certainly didn’t begin from birth. He (Keneil) was so spoiled and annoying growing up, and I was always fuming at how my parents would be so understanding and civil whenever he did something wrong.

“I projected this anger towards him and it affected how we related. I grew up and so did he. I had to come to terms with my internal battle so that I could love him.

“Now, my duty as a big brother is to teach him all the lessons I learnt and prevent him from making the same mistakes I did. For example, I didn’t learn the importance of budgeting and saving while growing up. This is one of the things I try to teach Keneil. No one was around to prep me for job interviews or fix my résumé or coach me on responding to questions. I do these things for him.

“He knows I am his guy and that I will never tell him no, so he comes to me first whenever he needs support on anything – from a new pair of Nike sneakers to editing his SBA.”


Intimate instances of the Morgan brothers relationship that were shared with the public through social media include Keneil’s first home dinnerdate where Kingsley volunteered his services to cook and set the table for the young lovebirds, and most recently, Keneil’s high school graduation banquet where the big bro extraordinaire acted as his brother’s personal stylist and valet.

Society, as we know it, is set up in a way that doesn’t necessarily encourage such tenderness between male relationships whether father-son or between brothers, despite the healthy implications that such bonds foster.

Kingsley agrees.

He shared, “I stopped caring about the unwritten commandment that says ‘Men, thou shalt not feel’.

“My brother is one of my closest friends so we experience every emotion together. Mentally, that is healthy because there is always a safe haven between us to be totally ‘male’ regardless of how society defines what masculinity should be.

“You are robbing yourself of a strong bond and fulfilling relationship if you allow people or society to dictate how you should love your family. Embrace them wholeheartedly and enjoy the limited time we have on earth.”