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Let go of the past and embrace the future, Real Talk Kim encourages

Published:Saturday | July 27, 2019 | 12:13 AMShanna Kaye Monteith/Gleaner Writer

Letting go of your faulty past and believing that God has a better future planned for you was the bottom line of a recent message delivered by Kimberly Jones-Pothier, a popular pastor who, outside of travelling the world to preach, often shares The Word with her nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram.

Real Talk Kim, as Jones-Pothier is referred to, encouraged her cyber congregation to desist from corresponding with and harbouring people and events of the past that no longer serve them.

“God is over here trying to elevate you and move you from the back of the line to the front; He’s trying to bless you, but you can’t get it because you won’t let go of your past. You’re so busy living in the ‘what was’ that you’re not enjoying the ‘what is’ and the enemy gets you there.

“The reason the enemy is fighting you is because of what’s in you. And some of you need to begin to pray over yourselves and say, ‘Father allow me to see what the enemy sees in me’. Because thieves don’t rob empty vaults. The enemy does not mess with anybody that isn’t a threat to him,” she said, adding that, “His only desire is to keep you so bound by your past (that) you can’t get to where God’s taking you.”

She continued, “And as long as you keep going back and trying to fix your past, stabilise what God has shaken you free from and believe the lies of the people that were counterfeits in your life, then you will stay in that place of complacency and mediocrity.”

Borrowing from the late Myles Munroe, Pastor Kim spoke of the many unfulfilled dreams that are buried in the cemetery.

“Unfulfilled dreams of people who allowed themselves to get stuck in the lies of the devil that they would not amount to anything, instead of realizing that they have the authority through Jesus Christ.

“When you accept Him into your heart, all of a sudden you have the power because the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of you. And, when you accept Jesus Christ into your heart, you no longer have to live with generational curses in your life,” she said, assuring her listeners that when they accept Christ, all things are passed away and He makes them new.