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Wisynco Group to offer styrofoam alternatives

Published:Saturday | July 27, 2019 | 12:06 AM
William Mahfood, chairman of Wisynco Limited.
William Mahfood, chairman of Wisynco Limited.

The Wisynco Group has announced a new partnership with Plastifar, manufacturers of the Bionature line of products, under which it will produce an environmentally friendly range of food-grade biodegradable products, which are made of paper pulp, renewable raw material and is carbon dioxide-neutral.

Through the new partnership, Jamaicans will have consistent and reliable supply of eco-friendly food service products ahead of the government’s January 1, 2020 ban on styrofoam.

Chairman of the Wisynco Group, William Mahfood, explained the rationale behind the partnership. “Wisynco recognises that the need for long-term environmentally friendly solutions as an alternative to plastic and foam is imperative. We are pleased with the new partnership with our neighbours in the Dominican Republic and are proud to be able to offer Jamaicans an affordable and quality product that can meet up to our needs in the food service industry.”

Bionature products are grease, steam and moisture resistant and are currently available in six sizes. The products have been on the market since May and can be found at wholesales and supermarkets islandwide.

Wisynco has been actively leading the charge in encouraging Jamaicans to adopt more environmentally friendly habits through a number of islandwide recycling campaigns.

Last September, the company announced a goal to start the transition to a foam alternative and has reduced plastics in its bottles by over 50 per cent.

“We remain committed to improving the quality of life in Jamaica, and feel we can do this through initiatives such as recycling, as well as providing more environmentally friendly packaging. We will continuously seek out new opportunities to ensure a seamless transition for our customers,” said Mahfood.